Q1 2023

By providing peace of mind to its clients both with sound financial strategies, as well as minimising the health implications by not having to meet face-toface, OakView Financial was able to create a competitive advantage during these hard and unforeseen times as it had already created this streamlined process prior to the pandemic. “Napoleon Hill said it best, ‘Your big opportunity may be right where you are now’,” enthuses Severiano. “Through OakView Financials’ modern take on an existing method, the firm found great momentum in 2020 during the pandemic. By having the ability to provide a boutique service to the everyday Australian, while not having to risk the health of others during the global pandemic, clients shifted to finding value in OakView Financial’s model.” Another reason for the firm’s growing success is its experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated employees. Indeed, Severiano refers to the staff at OakView Financial as “the backbone of our success” and it is this reason that he and the management team ensure that the organisational culture created within the firm is always front of mind. “We believe in a strong and happy work culture, with a focus on team communication,” he states. “We hire staff whose core values align with OakView Financial’s, and are committed to training, building confidence, and fostering healthy relationships with clients and colleagues alike.” By ensuring that the staff are comfortable and satisfied in their everyday duties, this intangible value is passed on to the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the services provided. “To ensure we maintain control for compliance, as well as organisational culture purposes, we do not outsource any financial advice services,” he continues. “This assists in helping build the team from the ground up, to understand the full process from client services officers, to paraplanning, all the way up to senior management and licensed financial advisers within the firm. This creates a trusting environment to ensure that if a member of the team needs assistance, there is always a superior that understands their role to ensure the job description is upheld with a supportive network of colleagues.” Recently, thanks to its increased growth rate and its committed team of loyal and happy employees, OakView Financial achieved international recognition in the APAC Business Awards 2022 and was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Most Trusted Financial Firm – QLD, a very worthy and fitting title for the firm. As Severiano and the team look to the future, it appears that there are further plans in the offing to enhance growth and expand. He tells us more about a new venture that is on the horizon and how it will help drive the business forward even more. “By analysis of the current financial landscape, including interest rates rising, we have embarked on another venture to extend extra services to all clients across the financial scope,” he exclaims. “For this reason, we have opened up OakView Lending, an internal Mortgage Broking service that is complimentary to existing clients that are currently within the OakView ‘eco-system’.” By introducing this extended product offering to clients, OakView Financial can provide personalised debt reduction strategies, new home purchases, investment property purchases, and refinancing options to further assist in achieving each individuals’ goals and objectives. “Having OakView Lending as an added benefit to the client promotes finding a product that helps the everyday Australian achieve their goals sooner inclusive of the fee that is already paid by each client!” Contact: Severiano Zatta Company: OakView Financial Web Address: https://oakviewfinancial.com.au/ Bart Ryan, Founding Director Sevy Zatta, Founding Director