Q1 2023

markets drive the need for informed, accurate and up-tothe-minute product and service research. Therefore, iEnergizer’s effective market research targets qualified respondents to make intelligent queries and accurately records response data, with staff having a proven track record in collecting and interpreting quality data for influencing key customer/ product/market decisions. Finally, with more than two decades worth of experience supporting large clients across the globe, iEnergizer is an expert at understanding the critical nature of technical support and therefore offers a 24/7 outsourced technical support solution aimed at providing immediate assistance and first contact resolution to customers. Owning the support process from start to finish, including all tiers of issue resolution from simple tech questions to deep specialised product expertise, the firm has proven processes and best practices. Being a mid-sized company enables iEnergizer to offer clients the best of both worlds – the resources to provide a scalable environment, combined with an infrastructure that allows it to remain nimble and customer-focused. “We believe in business process excellence. So, it’s a no-brainer that, we believe in quality over quantity. Developing and transforming customer data that serves the entire customer lifecycle is our niche and we take pride in bringing you unparalleled expertise.” With a dedicated team of more than 17,000 professionals across 11 delivery centres worldwide, it’s no wonder that iEnergizer is paving the way in the industry. The dedicated conglomerate of specialists and experts that work in one of the most soughtafter sectors in the digital landscape thrive on reimagining the scope of a business and thrive on digitally transforming them. Focusing primarily on customer experience, the staff and customer retention rate alike are among the highest in the industry. It is for reasons such as this that iEnergizer was recently recognised in the APAC Business Awards and crowned with the prestigious accolade of Most Innovative Business Process Solutions Company 2022. “iEnergizer takes pride in how our customers benefit from our businesses,” Mr Aggarwal says, summing up what truly drives the company’s ongoing success. “Our digital operations provide the world’s leading industries the leverage to strategically drive and transform data, whilst our profitable and overarching Digital Content Solutions help strategically transform flat, static content into smart content: versatile digital information that can be mined and monetised. “With an optimal blend of people, process, and newage technologies, we help businesses reap increased profits and improve business performance through our value- and technology-driven Business Process Solutions.” Contact: Anil Aggarwal Company: iEnergizer IT Services Private Limited Web Address: www.ienergizer.com