Q1 2023

Jan22686 F eFbe2b22523386 9 “At LivNSense, we consider employees as an extended family that provides an open culture to think, innovate, and bring best out of everyone,” says Avnish. “Every employee gets an ample opportunity to learn and grow. We look for candidates who are striving towards solving some of the complex problems. Our combination of young employees and mature leadership helps address business problems with innovative solutions.” LivNSense is proud to have received global awards in climate action and is recognised by UNIDO, CIIE.CO, ACT4GREEN, NASSCOM, Korea-Startup Grand Challenge, NetApp Excellerator, Intel Statup, and The GAIN. Most recently, however, the firm gained international recognition as it was named Most Innovative Industrial IoT & AI Platform 2022 for its work with GreenOps in the APAC Business Awards. Now, as Avnish tells us, the future is looking bright for the promising B2B climate tech venture. “Overall, GHG emissions need to be cut 43% by 2030, this is critical to meeting the Paris Agreement goal. Decarbonisation is a long and complex path, however our solution has a unique advantage for long-term play. “Our ability to integrate with third party platforms from SAP, SAS, Azure, AWS to Mindsphere, and enabling green-AI as a service model is a key difference in growth of “partners” led growth strategy.” Contact: Avnish Kumar Company: LivNSense Technologies Private Limited Web: www.LivNSense.com LivNSense™ is one of the most promising B2B climate tech ventures with unique positioning in the deep-decarbonisation domain with its award-winning AI-based SaaS platform, GreenOps™. We find out more from the firm’s CEO, Avnish Kumar, following its success within the APAC Business Awards 2022. A pioneering clean technology venture based out of the US and India, LivNSense™ aims to drive the future of carbon neutral industries by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twins with a key focus on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and making the planet greener. The threat of climate change grows bigger each year and, by limiting the global warming within 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, it is possible to avoid the most dangerous and irreversible effects of climate change. “The impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale,” explains Avnish Kumar, the firm’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Without drastic action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be more difficult and costly.” LivNSense’s mission is to reduce hundreds of mega tons of GHG emissions across energy intensive industries with the world’s first green digital metaverse platform for sustainable manufacturing, GreenOps™. GreenOps™ is a SaaS based decarbonisation platform that leverages AI and process digital twins to measure, track, simulate, and optimise CO2 emissions in real time. Its unique innovation is called “energy balance” technology and this provides a holistic Co2e impact across electrical energy, combustion, and chemical processes for hard to abate industries. The product delivers immediate financial gains and decarbonisation benefits to industries and can be scaled rapidly at lower costs. “Our focus on reducing Co2 emissions across energy intensive industries and transform the companies to achieve net-zero carbon while impacting the bottom line has been one of the key growth drivers,” Avnish continues. “Our holistic focus is not only the industrial machinery and assets, but the people working in that environment, as well as being able to impact the complete process value chain of ESG to benefit from the change.” GreenOps is already deployed in the North American and Indian markets across more than 10 Fortune 500 customers, delivering up to 15-20% of GHG Intensity reductions and an ROI of 20-25% in year one. Being based out of India, with APAC being central to the firm’s growth strategy, the region accounts for more than half of global Co2 emissions and therefore presents LivNSense with one of the largest opportunities to address in terms of climate action. Avnish and the team see an increasingly rising challenge to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and avoid the worst impacts of climate change in APAC region. “While organisations are adopting green energy as part of their manufacturing initiatives, we’ve realised the industry is still at the infancy stage,” he states. “There are lots of gaps in the value chain and a lot more needs to be done on achieving de-carbonisation. The Covid-19 pandemic has considerably hastened the need for adoption of addressing the climate change.” LivNSense’ culture is based on an innovation ecosystem which is deep rooted into every employee, with a core focus on equal employee opportunities. Whilst quality and skills are important, a commitment towards the work is the most important entity when recruiting for new team members. Most Innovative Industrial IoT & AI Platform 2022 Oct22080