Q1 2023

Feb22538 Sanjith Konda House founded Dropout Chaiwala in 2022 with the vision to make chai as easily available to everyone as coffee. This idea stems from his mother’s love for chai. Joined by three co-founders – Preetham, Arun, and Sushma – and with little to zero business experience, the four visionary youngsters entered the world of business to emerge as powerful entrepreneurs. APAC Insider magazine is pleased to be rewarding the company for achieving such extraordinary business success in such a short space of time. Chai is a fragrant, spicy tea that has been a part of South Asian culture for decades, with its roots stemming back to the 1800s. Packed with positive health benefits, it’s often used to aid digestion and weight loss, and is also a delicious way to reduce blood sugar levels and boost heart health. Dropout Chaiwala entered the market with a vision to bring this historically prominent beverage to Melbourne. The team has developed and launched, with the help of business partner, Kadak Chai, seven flavours of chai (classic cutting, cardamon, masala, ginger, lemongrass, saffron, and a mystery chai) that are made using custom designed and built espresso machines, and bring the real feel of authentic street chai to the Australian capital. Additionally, they have developed multiple flavours of no-milk chai. Available alongside the company’s range of chai is a selection of classic Indian snacks including samosas, curry puffs, masala vadas, and spring rolls, as well as handmake cakes and pastries to add a sweet touch. The company has also recently launched its exclusive merchandise line, Dropout Designs, which provides a stage for young and upcoming fashion designers to bring their ideas to life and sell in the market. The first release, based on the concept of chai, has been receiving a tremendous response from the Melbourne community. Regarded as Melbourne’s favourite chai, Dropout Chaiwala serves around 450-600 customers each day across its three locations, raking in a revenue of $500k after less than seven months of operation. Preetham comments, “This courage and commitment is what drove the company through ups and downs of the journey towards $500k and soon to $1m.” What truly makes Dropout Chaiwala worthy of its award success is the courage of its founders to start a business straight out of university. The “Dropout” name itself comes from the leap taken by Sanjith, who dropped out of his business degree at La Trobe University to pursue his business full-time. Alongside huge financial success, Preetham tells us another of the company’s greatest achievements is its customer and employee retention: “We have managed to retain 90% of customers through our top-notch products and 95% of employees through our employee wellbeing programme. We have had repeated customers to our business right from week two of operations, proving us to be Melbourne’s favourite chai.” Dropout Chaiwala’s culture is what holds its employees, customers, and franchise partners together. Alongside its skilfully designed employee wellbeing programme, the company organises sports and entertainment activities every second and fourth Sunday respectively which are free and open to all employees, customers, and franchise partners. So, what does the customer think? One person says, “Not only does the chai taste special, but to add the cherry on the top, the customer service is simply out of this world. It’s just so amazing. You all are doing such an amazing service to the community and you are such wonderful human beings. Really appreciate you all. Thank you so much to the whole team.” Another person simply yet delightedly states, “Excellent chai – just like a good chai in India!” Also happy with their experience, someone else shares, “Best place for the authentic street tea indulgence in the heart of Melbourne city. Total recommendation for chai lovers.” Company: Dropout Chaiwala Contact: Sanjith Konda House, Founder / Preetham Akula, COO Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.dropoutchaiwala.com Most Authentic Street Chai Provider - Melbourne Oct22644