Q1 2023

Jan22686 Building Contractors of the Year - Uttar Pradesh Construction is the lifeblood of any economy, and the work of the team at Chaupal Sansadhan Limited has gone a long way to supporting the growth of India’s various housing projects. Having achieved success through their diligent approach to proceedings, the team have been recognised in the APAC Business Awards. We caught up with Ashvinee Kumar, the firm’s leading light, to find out more. The role of construction is vital to growth. Not only is it essential that the amount of property expands to match a growing population, but there are the various facilities that are essential to maintaining these developments too. The attitude of Chaupal Sansadhan Limited has been vital to success for many in India, with a team that has taken on a variety of small and large-scale lands in Varanasi and its surrounding districts. To build new potential for India demands an approach to contracting that can match the needs of small and large-scale projects. Chaupal Sansadhan Limited has long been a company that has focused on investing in the numerous infrastructure projects listed by the Government of India under the “Invest India” initiative; and Housing Projects specially in Varanasi and Uttar Pradesh. “We have been working hard to create infrastructure projects,” Ashvinee tells us, “with strong Corporate Governance Framework to provide available services of resource development, general construction, development of land and farms, civil engineering contractors, consultants, architects, designers, town planners and village planners.” Such a comprehensive approach means that very little is left out when designing essentially new areas of the country. It’s an attitude that has been with the company since its inception. “Chaupal Sansadhan Limited has earned its reputation as a leading Real Estate Development Company in Varanasi,” Ashvinee explains, beaming with pride. His company’s track record within the sector has seen him effortlessly unlocking value in sites and translating client visions into startling reality. “Whether you’re looking to invest in newbuild or refurbishment schemes, collaborate on bespoke projects, or if you are an existing landowner with a joint venture idea, Chaupal Sansadhan Limited has the collective skills and experience to translate your ideas,” he adds with a smile. Such a range of work reflects the way in which the team operates. Unlike many in the industry, Ashvinee and the Chaupal Sansadhan Limited team have made it their business to provide customers with unique access to their services. The customer can become part of the company, and the company can offer lifelong support to the customer. This degree of connection is clearly why so many trust the Chaupal Sansadhan Limited team to deliver such superb results, because they take responsibility for its success over years, not just at the final sign-off of a project. To create such a stunning atmosphere, however, demands an exceptional team. “We motivate everyone to take ownership of the company,” Ashvinee tells us. “Everyone who works in the project gives their full support and commitment for long term achievement. Staff are the most important resource of the company.” To find the right people to achieve this is no mean task. Ashvinee has managed to identify some key features which set his team apart from the crowd. “Honesty Nov22284 and dedication is the priority always,” he says. “Skill is second as we can provide training to develop skill, but dedication and honesty is the hard thing to produce.” Such a carefully curated approach has secured many successes for him and his team over the years. It’s easy to see how it will power them to the next level. It’s thanks to this great team that Ashvinee has been able to ensure that the business has been able to overcome the challenges of the last few years. “We have faced the problem of cash flow and financial crunch,” Ashvinee says, “but we developed a new model of self-financing through motivating a new group to join our company as a member.” The COVID-19 pandemic, too has played its part in slowing dwown the development of the business. “Many people understated the problem, so people associated with us also reduced their consumption and financial cost,” he explains. “Fortunately it did not affect us too badly. But we have got an opportunity to prepare ourselves for facing any kind of new challenge.” Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge, the company was able to upgrade their entire ecosystem during the crisis. Such major upheaval has revolutionised the way in which the business works, with leadership working hard to create a role model for corporate resilience which will truly stand the test of time. Looking to the future, it’s clear that Chaupal Sansadhan Limited has some exciting projects in the pipeline. We asked Ashvinee what precisely we could expect from his team in the coming months. “We are launched few small housing projects in Varanasi and surrounding districts such as Chaupal Village, Ramnath Villa and Vedic Villa,” he says with a smile. “We are also planning to roll out few Housing Project and Commercial Project and entertainment Centre in Varanasi and some other district in Uttar Pradesh by the end of 2023.” The long-term ambition of the team cannot be understated. “By 2030 We will be building houses for 1 million People,” says Ashvinee without hesitation. To do this will require more expansion, more investment and more involvement from other stakeholders. To maintain the high standards that people want to see, Ashvinee and his team has been working on a new framework for the business known as ASSURED. We asked what this meant for the team at large. “A for Assured, S for Scalable, S for Sustainable, U for Universal, R for Rapid, E for Excellent, D for Distinction and that is ASSURED,” explains Ashvinee. Personally, with such high standards already set, we cannot wait to see what the Chaupal Sansadhan Limited team do next. Their influence is certain to revolutionise how many contractors operate in India for many years to come. Company: Chaupal Sansadhan Limited Name: Ashvinee Kumar Email: [email protected] Web: www.chaupalsansadhan.com