Q1 2023

Recently, Cheetay gained international recognition as it was named Best Online Groceries & Lifestyle Services App - South Asia in the APAC Business Awards 2022, but it appears that the best is yet to come as Majid tells us that there is more exciting e-commerce work in development. “We are on our way to expanding into other verticals, building more categories, and disrupting more industries,” he comments. “None of which would be possible without the support and hard work of our talented team. We are all further committed to revolutionising how people shop by leveraging technology and empowering millions!” And millions ARE being empowered, this is plain to see from the plethora of five-star reviews from happy Cheetay customers that the app has received online to date. “The best app hands down,” says E Malik. “They are the most cooperative people in the food delivery app system. If I order a cold thing (for example, ice cream) it’s definitely cold and doesn’t come melted like other delivery apps out there. It’s the best experience ever.” H Shahid agrees that the service is second-to-none: “Top notch service. Best for everyday items. I would love it if you can add a tip the rider feature in your app so that it can be paid automatically in case of a credit card payment.” M Janjua even prefers Cheetay to his usual online grocery app: “A great alternative to foodpanda, maybe even better as Cheetay has a wider range of vendors listed on it. My experience has been great with it.” Finally, M Raja can’t sing Cheetay’s praises enough, and enthuses: “The customer service and cooperation is exceptional, I have been using this app for over a year and a half and the customer service team and the app service has been exceptional... keep putting in the good work!” Contact: Majid Khan Company: Cheetay Logistics Ltd App: https://cheetay.onelink.me/ Hn1i/89b7d446