Q1 2023

Feb22538 Founded in January 2021, the growth of Vision Made Co has taken many in the food industry by surprise. Working for numerous clients across Australia, New Zealand and USA, the team is renowned for its powdered Health & Sports supplements. Whilst their work is shrouded in secrecy, we dug a little deeper to uncover precisely how the team achieved success in the APAC Business Awards 2022. It might come as a surprise to some, but not all established brands produce their own products. Some turn to outside experts who are able to provide items of a quality they admire but in a field which they are not actually experts in. The team at VMC have made it their business to do better than the titans, whilst working under the radar. As a contract manufacturing company, VMC has produced products for 16 different brands over the last year, quickly establishing itself as a vital resource to many businesses. The VMC team approach them with a better service than they might be able to secure themselves, providing a nimbler way of working than a large corporate beast is able to offer. Often, these brands, whilst popular, struggle to innovate or work at speed. As a start-up, VMC can, and has, run rings around them. The values behind VMC begin, obviously, with anonymity. The various clients that the team work for are all competitors, and they do not want to know where their products are made! Beyond that, VMC has made its name through the values of Honesty, Product Innovation, Speed to market, Customer service and Quality. In short order, the qualities have really spoken for themselves and paid off massively. Now, the team are able to receive work through word-of-mouth as the quality of what they offer is made clearer. The importance of a team that can learn and adapt quickly is vital in this environment. If someone is willing to learn and work the long hours to become expert, they are given a chance. That said, many roles require specialist knowledge and it can be difficult to find people who have the right attitude and the appropriate work ethic. Building such a strong team has not been easy, but it has brought innumerable rewards. This is a team that can work together and play together equally well. As a business born in the COVID-19 pandemic, it was this crisis which created the demand for work within the industry. People wanted to improve their health and VMC was a direct response to that. Supplements are an easy way to make a real difference to how we live. The growth of VMC reflects the amazing demand that has grown, and it’s a growth which shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. We caught up with Josh Spurway, one of the leading lights at VMC, to see what his 2023 looked like. “2023 for us is going to be another massive year,” he says with a smile. “It’ll see us close to doubling our revenue and be our first profitable year. We have investors coming on board in early 2023 which is going to help us expand our operations, purchase machinery and increase our bottom line. We also have a few very large clients we are in conversations with that could see us expand our production shifts from single day shift to day and night, 5 days a week.” Such growth is a credit to Josh and his team. Their agile attitude has brought them amazing results in a sector where brand names can make-or-break a company. With further expansion well in hand, we celebrate their amazing achievements and cannot wait to see where it takes the team next. Company: Vision Made Co Name: Josh Spurway Email: [email protected] Web: www.visionmadeco.com Best Food & Supplement Manufacturing Company 2022 - Queensland Oct22491