Q1 2023

May22239 Established in 2019, Willie Ong & JL Ooi is a company that has become well known in its region for its work in general litigation. Serving its clients with boutique legal services across several different fields, it has a diverse client base, all of whom it is proud to represent and promises to go above and beyond for. Having found its feet in the Penang region of Malaysia, it now has branch offices and affiliates in the major cities, such as Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, and Kota Kinabalu. Willie Ong & JL Ooi – or WOJLO – has developed a large and healthy client base over time by showing its market segment the excellence and expertise in its work. Nominally, with specialties in general and commercial litigation that cover corporate and conveyance advice, criminal defence litigation, property advice, and strata counsel, this client base now contains all manner of public and private companies, as well as societies, management corporations, and private individuals. No matter who the client is, WOJLO is confident that it will be able to help them, and it is this attitude that has allowed it to become a one-stop-shop for general legal work. Indeed, with its core values of service, protection, fearlessness, and inclusivity, it is the most passionate about utilising its legal expertise to assist those who need legal aid the most. These people are often the people who struggle the most with financially funding good legal help, and by making this a part of its social corporate responsibility, it has made itself the stalwart legal defender of such people and their cases. Critically, it does this by treating them with the same level of diligence and respect as it treats anyone else, and with its passionate and driven staff, it has a great amount of pride in its team; these creative and professional people are never daunted by a challenge, and always transparent in their work. This commitment and honesty are WOJLO’s keys to success, and the human talent of its staff is something that shines through in every case and project as a result. Moreover, this staff is one that supports each other, sharing common values and work ethics and helping each other with anything another may be struggling with, resulting in a company with healthy personal relations inside and out. Thanks to this, despite the pandemic, it has been able to continue expanding across Malaysia, and promises that its standards will remain recognizably exemplary as it does so, bringing it and its clients with it into the future of general legislature. Company: Willie Ong & JL Ooi Contact: Willie Ong Website: willieongandco.com Rising Stars in General Litigation - Malaysia Aug22236