Q1 2022

APAC / Issue Q1 2022 7 , Nov21742 K-TIG’s mission is to inspire fabrication businesses of all sizes to rethink their fabrication processes and apply world-leading technologies to increase their productivity and quality. It does this by constantly innovating to develop revolutionary technology that creates exceptional competitive advantage, extraordinary productivity gains, dramatic cost savings, and increasedmargins for its customers. K-TIG advocates for innovation and delivers the world’s most advanced key- hole welding system, helping its customers to transform, grow and provide economic benefits to their communities. To enable it to innovate and develop cutting-edge technology, the company uses scientific breakthroughs, ultimately revolutionising industries and reshaping economies. With a burning passion, it wants to bring K-TIG to the world, going above and beyond to help its customers succeed, while being courageous in challenging the status quo. K-TIG does what it will says it will do. It is transparent with its capabilities, taking a practical approach and being consistent in how it works and what it says. It therefore strives to be the best, always pushing its customers and itself to deliver excellence. None of this could be done, however, without the collective knowledge its people deploy to build highly collaborative environments with clients, stakeholders and each other. Operating all over the world and in many markets, there is a key theme to its customers – pipes, tanks and vessels fabricators. It doesn’t matter what industry they serve, but many are from high-tech nuclear and defence requirements to an industrial piping run. K-TIG’s technology enables its customers to provide high-quality, highly repeatable and increased productivity. Its unique selling point is its ability to conduct a TIG weld in minutes rather than hours, and most importantly, the functionality of its controller provides levels of weld traceability and parameter management that creates data driven insights. K-TIG’s staff are the critical element for its success. With a small workforce that spans global locations, its customer- centric ethos has been the difference. During the COVID era, it relied heavily on the virtual world and held new customer demonstrations via video call and expanded its commissioning experience using the same platform. This meant its team worked all hours of the night and day to ensure customers on the other side of the world could experience the same service that they would normally get face-to-face. The K-TIG team is energetic and results-driven, and knows how to have fun in the workplace. The company still considers itself a start-up that is now taking the next step to scale up and have its technology adopted as an advanced alternative to disrupt the mature market. This mindset and openness to take on challenges echoes right through the business and means everyone has an opinion and are encouraged to share their ideas – regardless of rank or title. Good ideas are adopted, no matter who suggested it! It is an exciting time at K-TIG as it is currently expanding its workforce in the US and Europe with the establishment of demonstration facilities and branch offices. It is also embarking on a distribution programme that is performing very well, and will also ensure that its global customers will be able to see and access its technology in their local region and have integrated solutions. It has signed numerous MOUs within the Nuclear Decommissioning Programme in the UK along with the growth in the defence industry with collaboration with key primes such as Hanwha and BAE systems. Company: K-TIG Contact: Ben Mitchell Email: [email protected] Website: www.k-tig.com Most Innovative Global Welding Technology Manufacturer 2021