APAC Issue Q1 2021

8 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 9 , Attentive Care Established in 2008, Evacuation andMedical Support Unit Pte Ltd is a leading provider of medical assistance in collaborationwith various hospitals around Singapore. Following its success in the South East Asia Business Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Christopher Fernandez to find out more about one of the best ambulance and medical services providers in Singapore today. Medical evacuations are unplanned, unexpected, and urgent. Often resulting from injuries sustained by an accident or an illness, people are left feeling worried, anxious and in a lot of pain. Going into further detail, Christopher provides us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “Evacuation and Medical Support Unit Pte Ltd typically offer local ambulance services, regional ambulance assistance and international medical evacuations. Other more specialist areas we cover include medical training, health screening services and medical coverage for events and sports.” Working in the Singapore healthcare field can be a challenging experience given the competition which often faces the firm. However, as Christopher goes on to explain, due to its patient specific approach the firm can address the needs of everyone. “At every emergency, our consultants will analyse the situation before recommending the most suitable service. Many of our team members have previously provided medical assistance in the ASEAN regions, so these experiences combined with their outstanding medical knowledge make us a key player in the sector. Putting the patient at ease is obviously the most important aspect to begin with, and through our friendly nature and a seamless environment, we can ease the hassle and any confusion a patient may have in their hour of need.” Finally, Christopher discusses his concerns over the knowledge some people obtain from watching Attentive Care Jun20160 medical TV programmes, before outlining some of the firm’s plans for 2021 and beyond. “A lot of people can derive their knowledge of medical evacuation with the wrong anticipation of procedures and standards as shown on docudramas. When a medical evacuation becomes necessary, people are worried and anxious, but it is not appropriate to explain the reasons for the differences between cherished myths and an evacuation unit’s performance. “Moving forward, our goal is to maintain the same level of care for all patients and provide further training for our staff wherever possible to ensure we remain at the forefront of our sector.” Company: Evacuation and Medical Support Unit Pte Ltd Contact: Christopher Fernandez Website: www.rescueteam.sg