APAC Issue Q1 2021

12 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 APAC / Issue Q1 2021 13 , Most Innovative Urban Bicycle Company – Taiwan Innovation has swiftly become a distinguishing factor across numerous businesses, industries andmarkets. Perhaps none more so than on the urban landscape – after all, we’re swiftly rethinking urban spaces for the modernworld. Sliders Inc is a company that has endeavored to deliver a new paradigmwhen it comes to urban traversal with its revolutionary bicycle. We took a deep dive to find out more. The logic is certainly sound. Where else does innovation define every effort and every step than outer space? For Sliders, inspiration was found in utilizing new materials, with a firm focus on portability, speed and convenience. Partnering this with the company’s predilection for crowd-sourcing ideas for new projects, it’s clear that Sliders understands, at a fundamental level, the market they operate in. When it comes to designing future vehicles, where better to look than up? Everything the company designs has convenience in mind. From the highly researched logistical variables of urban traversal (optimum speed for exploration, being one example), to the exact dimensions required to ensure their bikes remain wholly portable for the average client – it’s evident that Sliders has earned its reputation for excellence. Simply put, no other company puts this much effort in maintaining and nurturing its market share. Futurism also plays its role here. As is to be expected from the entirely future-centric pursuits of the greater region, Sliders looks to push boundaries and deliver a product that remains peerless in all aspects of its design. “Our bike is reduced to 85cm by 75cm and 25cm wide when folded. This allows it to be easily placed in the trunk of a car or carried, should the need arise. The bike provides a speed of 25 kilometers per hour and a distance of 35-kilometers on one charge.” Ease of use is pushed to the forefront through the bike’s use of electricity. Though electric bikes are becoming quite common, Sliders aims to revolutionize Most Innovative Urban Bicycle Company – Taiwan Mar20345 the expected through further refinement. Think comfort, ergonomic design and handmade elements. The entire package is a luxurious one, with every plane and perspective showcasing a careful consideration to the finest details. Waterproof, easy to control, and robust, the company’s bikes have proven to be the best choice on the market, year after year. Yet, Sliders remains ever focused towards optimization. On improvement, and betterment and… simply, perfection. This is evident in the natural evolution of the company’s product line. Each bike serving to solve a particular problem or meet a particular need, all with innovation in mind. It’s clear then, with all of this in mind, that the company remains a pacesetter in the market, with a future defined by further distinction and greater achievements. Watch this space. Company: Sliders Inc. Address: 12F-1, No. 337, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan Web: https://www.the-sliders.com/ Telephone: +886-2-27030810 Email: [email protected]