Issue Q1 2020

APAC / Issue Q1 2020 5 NEWS , InfraRisk Pty Ltd. (InfraRisk), a leading supplier of credit manage- ment solutions in Australia, today announced a new cooperation with Judo Bank to support the neo- bank’s lending business with a smart and high- ly efficient cloud-based SaaS solution. Judo Bank is the first challenger bank focused on serving small and medium-sized enterpris- es (SMEs) financing needs in Australia, and has been granted a full banking license as an authorised deposit-taking institution (ADI) that has allowed it to launch full deposit-taking ca- pabilities. “InfraRisk has over 10 years of experience in providing services for financial institutions in Australia,” said Nicholas Davies, founder and CEO of InfraRisk. “With our advanced and ma- ture cloud-based solution, we can help Judo Bank service SMEs efficiently to meet their in- creasing credit needs.” InfraRisk’s solution is centered on Credit Value Maximiser (CVX), an intelligent fully featured credit management platform for a wide range of commercial and corporate lending segments. The modularized tool is built around key orig- ination functionalities, from profile to pricing, with each module connecting via defined APIs. Leveraging data and automation, the solution is expected to help drive improved risk analysis, create efficiencies in governance and compli- ance activities and provide a framework for on- going analysis and portfolio optimization. Australia is a nation of SMEs. Statistics from the Australian Small Business and Family En- terprise Ombudsman show that SMEs create around seven million jobs, contributing to 67% of total employment and 57% of Australia’s GDP, which makes the sector the backbone of the Australian economy. “The cooperation is a good fit between us,” said Victor Li, head of Pintec International Business. “InfraRisk is a leading fintech innovator and Judo Bank is a challenger to traditional banks. Together we will apply cutting-edge technologies to provide superior lending services for SMEs.” InfraRisk is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pintec Technology Holdings Limited, a leading fintech solutions provider that specializes in intelligent retail finance covering “buy now pay later” in- stalment loans, personal loans, SME loans, corporate and commercial segments, wealth management and insurance services. Benshaw Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based, privately held manufacturer of applied motor control solutions for mission critical industrial appli- cations. Recently it has finalized an agreement to acquire a New Zea- land based manufacturer of soft starters. Benshaw Inc. has finalized an agreement to acquire Aucom Electronics LTD, a New Zealand based manufacturer of soft starters. The combined organization, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., offers a full range of applied motor control solutions, and is the leading supplier of low and medium voltage soft starters worldwide. Global operations now include facilities in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Mid- dle East and Asia. Pete Morgan, the former General Manager of Aucom North America, has been appointed as President of Benshaw Inc. effective immedi- ately. Prior to his employment with Aucom, Morgan served as General Manager of Benshaw’s OEM Division. His career includes extensive experience in engineering, operations, sales and business manage- ment in the soft starter and industrial controls industries. “The integration of Benshaw and Aucom provides a bright future for the entire organization,” said Fran Livingston, Executive Chairman at Benshaw. “We believe the acquisition of Aucom provides an incredi- ble opportunity that will benefit Benshaw and Aucom customers, our employees and our entire network of distributors across North America and around the world,” he added. Benshaw Inc. Acquires Aucom Electronics LTD InfraRisk cloud-based solution to support Judo Bank’s SME lending in Australia.