Issue Q1 2020

APAC / Year in Review 2019 31 ACI Global See Sustainable Success In terms of the market, there are challenges ahead for this small-scale company with big ambitions. The provision of an ethical environment for employees and employers is something which has gained rapid approval across the board and giving future business professionals the tools and capacity to deliver ethical and sustainable value to organisations globally. This is countered by the undermining of learning outcomes by learning and training providers worldwide, who grab potential clients and customers. These sometimes masquerade as not-for-profit organisations to get better deals than those which work for industry and profit organisations. With a small team of two full- time employees and between six and eight facilitators and mentors, this is definitely a company that punches above its weight, influencing the market on a global scale. Determined to achieve the best through leadership, empowerment and an honest commitment to learning from their mistakes, ACI Global provides its clients with a special service that adapts to suit their needs. Facing the challenges against it ACGI Global is sure to match whatever a client demands at the best level that the market can expect. Not easily ignored, ACI Global has a global pull that belies its size. Offering training in several areas, ACI are an oasis of sustainability in a market that doesn’t always reward this behaviour. By being willing to adapt to changing circumstances, the staff at ACI Global are able to stay on top of changing legislation, pushing themselves to be the best possible service provider of credited professional development. Running the company in the same way that is used to teach others adds authenticity to the excellent service that ACI Global can provide. It is part of the reason that this company is so trusted by its many users. Contact: Ian Erskine Web Address: Telephone: 0061 408 831 898