Issue Q1 2020

30 APAC / Year in Review 2019 , ACI Global See Sustainable Success It can be easy to settle into a routine, not searching for the next great opportunity to push you, and your company, to the next level. This routine can lead to stagnation, which is risky in today’s changing climate. The globally recognised ACI Global is dedicated to improving organisations and people, ensuring that they aimabove where they are to new and exciting heights. Operating out of Port Macquarie in New South Wales, this learning company model is based on a simple and cost-effective approach to education and Professional Development for Educational Organisations. This award-winning organisation has only grown in quality since its inception over 25 years ago and looks set to continue for years to come. A proud founding member of the Australasian Global Reporting Initiative, Institute Partner with CMMI and embracing IOS 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Standard for guidance, ACI Global provides professional business services to a wide range of industries and organisations to drive sustainability. With courses built and based on Business Best Practice Principles “Objective, Measurement, Optimization, Strategy, Performance and Evaluation”, supported by current CMMI, or ISO standards ISO 9001:2015 for example. This means that any potential barriers that could be built into the course are removed immediately, as no additional costs or certification by third parties must be undertaken. This is all handled by ACI Global and provides an agile service that can easily adapt to match the needs of a broadening number of clients. To match the high standards that one would expect of an award- winning firm, transparency is at the heart of the service that ACI Global provide. A detailed and complete overview of the course is available before starting, with trainees receiving a Diploma and learning outcomes transcript when all the course is complete. This also includes a three year Continuous Professional; Development Guarantee, which is followed up with the company’s own Accelerating Continuous Development Program, which ensures that an organisation is sustainable. The support that an organisation like ACI is able to provide makes the decision to use their services the obvious choice. With all learning materials included at no additional fee, access to a comprehensive online library and support materials and the Certification of Competence and Diploma on course completion, with the participating organisation gaining a certificate of sustainability to verify a candidate’s Learning and Professional Development. Able to provide so much to its clientele, ACI Global still has ambitions to offer even more. Next year, it intends to become ISO Certified and Registered to ISO 21001:2018 as an International Educational Provider. Similarly, the launch of the ACI Global ISO LifeTime Learning Product is a major step forward in what ACI offers its clients. This program allows the candidate to select any number of courses or programs over their lifetime ensuring continuous career and professional development. For a one off “Payment” this unique product will enable the candidate to continuously update their “Knowledge” and resultant “Competence” relevant to whatever Industry they choose to work within. Aiming to expand their already considerable Australasian operations, the ACI Global ISO Graduate/Cadetship Program allows the candidate (Cadet) to select any course or program relevant to their needs or that of their nominating Organisation ensuring learning and full mentoring services within their chosen graduate program. ACI Global provides access to its Graduate Programs to students from all around the world with a minimum of 20 Graduate Positions provided free of charge on a needs basis. Oct19262