Issue Q1 2020

APAC / Issue Q1 2020 3 , 4. News 6. Study Finds Gen Z Workforce Drives Tech Purchasing Decisions in Workplaces 8. Asia Dominates When it Comes to Passport Power in 2020 10. Changes At The Top 11. New Center of Excellence to Deliver Excellence 12. Teijin and Envision Virgin Racing Announce Multi-Year Partnership 14. Entering The Next Stage of Growth 16. The Renewable Energy Solution Tackling Delhi’s Air Quality Crisis 18. Klarna Launches in Australia 20. Waterfall’s Unidirectional Gateways Deployed at Hyundai Steel 22. Joining Forces 24. Ecosphere Economy 25. Best Health Platform Year in Review 28. Gaining Deeper Insights 30. ACI Global See Sustainable Success Contents