APAC Issue Q1 2019

18 APAC / Issue Q1 2019 , Best Aviation Boutique Management Consultant - Asia Pacific “Here at HI AND Consulting we help our clients with their most important challenges, often focused on business/commercial strategy, operational excellence, cost transformation or people/ culture. We leverage our many years of experience in top-tier management consulting and use a completely flexible support model that is purely tailored to our clients’ needs. In addition, we always work together with our clients, often in blended teams. This enables us to co-create pragmatic strategies and actions with our clients that gain strong buy-in and have a higher chance of success.” “The impact of our support is being recognised and has made us a proven and reliable partner for Executive teams in leading airlines, airports and loyalty businesses. Most of our business comes from longstanding rela- tionships.” “I am supported by a network of independent, analytically excel- lent advisers, who are dedicated to our clients’ needs, show empa- thy when engaging with them and leave any ego at the door. The relevance of their experience then determines who will be selected for a certain project.” Operating in the constantly evolv- ing air transport industry, the firm must support its clients through increasingly fast paced challeng- es. Andreas discusses how his firm has tailored its services in reflection of those for the benefit of its valued clients: “The air transport market faces game-changing technological advances, important regulatory changes, intense competitive and commercial pressures and strong demand growth in many markets. As a result, aviation businesses must make more and quicker strategic decisions, often based on insufficient information and complex/conflicting implications. And in addition, they obviously have to put those into action - immediately and successfully.” “At HI AND Consulting we help our clients dissect those complex challenges, gain clarity on which decisions must be prioritised, co-develop the right strategic answers and turn them into ac- tions that can create the desired impact. Our success relies on a combination of our experience in analysing complex manage- ment challenges, our close focus on global trends in the aviation sector and beyond, and our un- wavering mission to always work collaboratively with our clients who know their business best.” Going forward, HI AND Con- sulting will continue to innovate, Dec18480 Based in Sydney, HI AND Consulting is a young and dynamic boutique management consultancy with a strong focus on airlines, airports and loyalty businesses. Deep industry expertise, quality standards on par with top tier consulting firms, a global perspective and the team’s truly collaborative nature are the main ingredients to create real impact for their clients. Andreas Hilz talks us through the firm, its services and the reasons for its success. extend its service offering and selectively cooperate with other leading advisory firms to ensure its clients continue to receive the solutions that they have come to rely on, as Andreas is proud to conclude. “As a young business which has experienced incredible success over its first two years, HI AND Consulting has a bright future ahead. Our aim is to extend our relationships with new and existing clients in the Asia Pacific transport market and beyond, as we look towards the future with excitement and anticipation.” “The trend of fast paced strategic decision making and execution will remain for our clients. We are confident that our collaborative approach, our industry insights, our flexible delivery model and the high calibre of our adviser network are the right answers. Strong demand for our services, instant recognition from our clients, and this award further encourage us on this journey. We look forward to connecting with old and new clients who want to refine their Executive agenda with us.” Company: HI AND Consulting Name: Andreas Hilz (CEO) Email: Andreas.hilz@ hiandconsulting.com.au Web: www.hiandconsulting.com.au

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