APAC Issue Q1 2019

16 APAC / Issue Q1 2019 , Expert Risk Management Solutions for the Mining and Energy Industries Risk, regardless of company size or industry, is a constantly looming variable – challenges around dimensions of uncertainty that need to be considered and managed at all times. For many companies in the mining and energy industries, because the consequences of uncertainty can be greater, risk becomes more pronounced, and managing it effectively demands a greater targeted allocation of finite organisational resources. As undisputed experts in managing risk for these challenging industries, erms has distinguished themselves through an ability to build systems that help their clients to identify, understand and manage risk. Having offices in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, they are well positioned to support clients across Australia, and New Zealand, with the ability to travel further afield, already working in Indonesia, Chile, Uganda, Vietnam and Bangladesh. To start the interview, Jamie offers a brief overview of his firm’s work: “for example, erms developed the first ever safety case in New Zealand under a new regulatory regime for a client who, on an incredibly tight timeline, had a very expensive purpose-built sophisticated drilling rig being constructed and delivered. So many things to help manage in an environment of considerable uncertainty. Alternatively, our solutions can be strictly strategic, such as the time we developed a model for a client to assist their decision making when evaluating international joint venture opportunities.” Needless to say, erms has made their reputation for risk management on the back of their exceptional approach to diligence and client-centricity. “It is our conviction that in order to adequately service our clients we need to understand their environment, the challenges they’re encountering and what they’re hoping to be accomplished. Ultimately, we’re very good at really listening and understanding a client’s specific needs in order to craft a solution that enables a resolution of their challenges. We build strong, lasting relationships with our clients predicated upon trust and integrity. We remain innovative and flexible. Our high standards are maintained by an extraordinary team of capable, clever and committed people.” Jamie continues, emphasising the team’s solutions-focused mindset and its important role in defining erms’ company culture. “Our team are not only focussed on what for our clients isn’t working as it should, they’re also very solutions oriented. Consequently, we have a wonderfully creative, innovative, largely self-directed and collaboration-centred environment as all members of our team contribute their experience into other projects to ascertain whether something they’re doing might benefit another team. Coupled with flexible working arrangement allowing people to manage their lives and families, we also have a very happy and autonomous workforce.” Yet, there have always been challenges when it comes to operating within the energy and mining sectors. However, even among these difficulties there is opportunity for further growth, Jamie moves on to discuss. “Australia is a fantastic place in which to work – great climate, friendly people, lots of confidence and energy. Australia, however, is also a very large country, so there is always the necessity to travel for work. The biggest challenge in operating outside of Dec18591 Enterprise RiskManagement Solutions (erms) is amanagement consultancy firm specialising in risk, governance and safety for the mining, power generation and oil and gas industries. Late last year, the firmwas awarded the title of ‘Best Risk and Safety Consultancy in Australia’ in the annual APAC Business Excellence Awards programme hosted by APAC InsiderMagazine. We spoke with the firm’s Managing Director, JamieWilson, to find out more about their innovative approach to riskmanagement in challenging industries. Australia is again the tyranny of distance in that travelling does take time. In my role as the Chair of the International Well Control Forum’s Risk and Governance Committee I also regularly travel to Europe for Board meetings, so the time commitment for travel can be substantial. Travelling into Asia though from Australia is very easy which provides us with excellent opportunities over the next few years.” There can be no doubt that opportunity and innovation define erms’s future as they look towards reinventing best practices in across industries that never stop developing. “We’re presently involved in a digital transformation project on behalf of a client who has a work authorisation (PTW) system for governing work efficiency and safety for onshore wellsite activity wherever petroleum exploration and production are undertaken. That’s an exciting project to bring a massive change to an entire industry.” Company: Enterprise Risk Management Solutions (erms) Contact: Jamie Wilson Address: Wayville, South Australia Website: www.erms.com.au Telephone: 0061 0403 832 974

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