October 2017

6 APAC / October 2017 , 1705AP04 The Fort Knox of Data Centres T-Systems International GmbHhas a footprint inmore than 20 countries, 43,700 employees, and external revenue of 7.9 billion euros (2016). As one of the world’s leading providers of information and communications technology (ICT), we could not resist interviewing the firm’s Kamini Nadaraja to discover more. T-Systems offers a range of integrated solutions for business customers, including the secure operation of legacy systems and classic ICT services, the transformation to cloud-based services (including tailored infrastructure, platforms and software). They also provide new business models and innovation projects for the business fields of the future, such as data analytics, the internet of things, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and industrial Internet. T-Systems can provide all this thanks to its global reach in fixed-network and mobile communications, its highly secure data centres, a comprehensive cloud ecosystem built around standardised platforms and global partnerships, and the ability to offer top levels of security. Comprehensive cloud ecosystem Cloud computing is increasingly gaining acceptance alongside the classic operation of IT systems. T-Systems can bring around 20 years’ experience to the table in outsourcing, system integration, and the planning, assembly and operation of IT systems and networks. The firm’s Kamini Nadaraja provides further insight into this vital point, as this in- depth interview begins. “Together with some 90 partner companies – including industry leaders such as Avaya, Cisco, Huawei, Informatica, Microsoft, Salesforce and VMware – T-Systems offers business customers the full array of different cloud models, from tailored private clouds and low- cost public cloud services through to hybrid clouds. If required by the customer, each of these variants can be in high-security data centres in Germany and operated in accordance with strict European data-privacy standards. Companies can choose to source their – individually scalable – infrastructure, platforms, software and cloud integration ‘as a service.’ “Most T-Systems’ cloud products are available from the House of Clouds, the by-name for the company’s high-performance data centre in Biere, near the German city of Magdeburg. Biere is the only data centre in the world where nearly all major cloud providers can be found side-by-side. The benefits for the customer are crystal clear. Firstly, the data hub offers them fast processing and analysis. Secondly, they can use the centre to transfer enormous data volumes easily within a system. “Thirdly, T-Systems is already working with its customers so that they will soon be able to move mountains of data back and forth between different systems. The data centre in Biere provides customers with a ‘high-density cloud’ service. Biere, which is considered the Fort Knox of data centres, has become a European data hub attracting more and more customers – and partners. That is why T-Systems will begin the next expansion phase (Biere 2) in summer 2016; once completed, it will more than double the centre’s capacity. “Biere’s newest ‘resident’ is the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), Deutsche Telekom’s latest public cloud product, which it developed in cooperation with technology partner Huawei. OTC offers components and resources such as servers, computing power, network capacity, archiving and backup systems along with other services. TÜV Austria Deutschland, a technical services provider, has awarded the OTC two certifications for its cloud security management system, confirming that it is operated in accordance with defined quality standards. Although some two- thirds of classic applications can already be migrated to the cloud, only very few companies have thus far developed corresponding strategies and approaches. Around 4,000 IT integration experts at T-Systems can transfer complex application landscapes to an integrated, future-proof IT system.” With its extensive experience in cloud computing, T-Systems has earned the trust of many renowned companies in recent years. Corporations such as Shell, Daimler, Spain’s national postal service Correos, and financial services providers like Union Investment all rely on the expertise of the cloud-computing pioneer, sourcing T-Systems’ network-based applications as well as its computing and storage capacities via the Internet. Steel giant ThyssenKrupp trusts in the cloud expertise of T-Systems as well, and is sourcing its PC workplaces from the Telekom Cloud using the Dynamic Workplace solution. Where classic and cutting-edge IT meet Digitisation, the No. 1 topic in the business world, generally doesn’t take place before a blank canvas. Business customers have complex legacy systems in place, such as applications, computers, servers and networks. T-Systems can operate these systems in a secure, stable and efficient manner. But classic IT business too is changing with the times. T-Systems now grants companies the option of terminating their contracts three months after completion of migration, if they