October 2017

26 APAC / October 2017 , Motorola Solutions celebrates the 10th year milestone of its MOTOTRBO™ digital radio portfolio at the CIMB Classic golf tournament, where a fleet of digital two-way radios is deployed to coordinate the 4-day golf championship 12-15 October 2017. The CIMB Classic, which is celebrating its eighth edition this year, is the only PGA TOUR tournament that is staged in Southeast Asia. For the past decade, thousands of businesses looking for reliable and cost-effective digital radio systems have chosen the MOTOTRBO platform to better connect employees. In Malaysia, Motorola Solutions’ communications solutions are being deployed across all industries ranging from transport and manufacturing to oil and gas, hospitality and retail. “This year, we are extremely honoured to have our digital two-way radios selected to connect operations staff and ensure the smooth running of the CIMB Classic golf tournament. At Motorola Solutions, we have a deep understanding of the importance of crisp and clear MOTOTRBO™ 10th Anniversary in Full Swing at the CIMB Classic in Malaysia The latest SL2M, a sleek addition to the lineup, is joined by a new repeater and software to improveMOTOTRBO performance. communications at large-scale events,” says Mike O’Connor, Vice President, Radio Channel Sales, Asia Pacific, Motorola Solutions. Motorola Solutions has been regularly investing in innovation resources at global R&D centres including Penang, to enhance the features of the digital mobile radio portfolio and improve daily operations within enterprises and organisations. This has enabled Motorola Solutions to deliver continued improvements to the Next Generation MOTOTRBO portfolio launched in 2016, such as indoor location-tracking, longer battery life, Wi-Fi as well as integration of WAVE™ 5000 Work Group Communications software and Capacity Max digital trunking solution. Earlier enhancements include Bluetooth, job-ticketing, dispatch applications, text messaging and longer talk times. The latest MOTOTRBO offering, the SL2M portable radio blends sophistication with a discreet, slim design that’s ideal for work in professional settings. With a virtual keypad and display, the lightweight SL2M makes it easy to navigate between functions and toggle between voice and data. The new SLR 1000 low-power repeater also offers an ultra-flexible way to power MOTOTRBO radio networks by extending their range in a compact design. Built for indoor or outdoor settings, the repeater is easy to install and can scale up along with a company’s growing needs. The latest MOTOTRBO software enables WAVE Work Group Communications software to link employees using push to talk services on MOTOTRBO radios with colleagues at desktop machines, mobile phones, tablets or any other communication device. WAVE-enabled communications let businesses get ahead of shop floor or management problems and keep key personnel in constant contact when needed. As the founding member of the Digital Mobile Radio Association (DMRA), Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO platform also features one of the industry’s largest application developer programmes with a wide variety of software applications.