October 2017

APAC / October 2017 17 Company: PT ICI Paints Indonesia (AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Indonesia) Name: Jun de Dios – President Director A Catalyst for Renewal g Jun then tells us more about the Indonesia market and the factors that make the company unique in their vivid offerings. “Indonesia is an interesting market. Not only is Indonesia the country with the largest population in Southeast Asia, it is also the country with the fourth largest population in the world. The Indonesian paint industry is a highly competitive one, which is good for the consumers of course, so we will continue to work hard for all our customers to be nothing but the best in the industry. “AkzoNobel is backed by a pioneering heritage and extensive global network. Our innovative products and sustainable technologies - are designed to meet the growing demands of our fast-changing planet - while making life more liveable and inspiring. “We are confident that our quality, innovation and brand name, together with differentiating marketing practices, our people and a core belief in sustainability will continue to drive our success.” Jun then reveals the culture within the company and when attracting new staff, how does one integrate into the company. “At AkzoNobel, we are guided by a set of core principles, purpose and values. We appreciate that it’s our people who will help us to achieve our vision, hence we believe in empowering our employees to engage and be involved in all aspects of their roles. It is crucial to ensure that we have strong, diverse teams with the right skills, passion and experience in the most appropriate roles. We constantly work on developing the company’s competency model and development programmes, to prepare our employees to take on both new challenges and roles. “As a global company, with 45,000 employees operating in around 80 countries, our employees are also given the opportunity to experience job rotation so they can experience a more enriching experience. We want to create a place where everyone is inspired to excel for our customers, enabling our staff to have interesting and challenging opportunities, so they are empowered to deliver nothing but their best.” Jun then shares with us the most prevalent trends in the wider industry over the past 12 months, plus how the business has adapted around these. “With the economy and housing market growing, the demand for consumer paints has indeed grown. One of the key changes we see is the increasing inclination to personalised aesthetics, including the use of personalised designs and the use of special finishes. Today’s home owners - with a good sense of personal style and individual aesthetics - like to add personality, creativity and uniqueness to their home décor. However - there is a prevailing notion that interior wall paint cannot be truly unique - and there is only so much they can do with the wall paints currently in the market. “We introduced Dulux AmbianceTM, an exclusive range of premium interior and special effects wall paints created by colour experts and designers, based on an advanced paint formulation out of a belief to transform painting – from a mundane task done out of necessity to an opportunity to truly personalise living spaces. Dulux Ambiance now comes in four finishes - Metallic, Linen, Marble and Velvet.” Jun provides us with his thoughts on what the future holds for the company, as the interview ends. “With today’s growth of technology and innovation, we see an abundance of opportunity to thrive in this sector. Innovation is the lifeblood of our company and for us, an ongoing process. For us, innovation is about seeking sustainable and timely solutions, to meet the needs of both the market and our customers. “We will be unveiling new products and innovations soon – indeed we continuously strive to provide products to consumers - that are eco-premium and have a lower ecological impact. We at AkzoNobel are committed to becoming the leader in sustainability in all our markets. We believe this is right for our business both ethically and commercially.”