October 2017

16 APAC / October 2017 , AkzoNobel is backed by a pioneering heritage, their innovative products and sustainable technologies are designed to meet the growing demands of the fast- changing planet, while making life more liveable and inspiring. President and Director, Jun de Dios introduces the company’s work in energising cities and communities, plus their strong reputation as a household name in Indonesia. “Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we have approximately 45,000 people in around 80 countries, while our portfolio includes well-known brands such as Dulux, Sikkens, International, Interpon and Eka. Consistently ranked as a leader in sustainability, we are dedicated to energising cities and communities while creating a protected, colourful world where life is improved by what we do. “Our leading decorative paint brand, Dulux, is a household name in Indonesia trusted by customers to brighten, protect and preserve their homes, buildings, offices and factories. We make it our core purpose to inspire and enable people around the world to decorate more easily and more often by providing inspiring essentials to homeowners looking AB160036 A Catalyst for Renewal AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and amajor producer of specialty chemicals, supplying essential ingredients, protection and colour to industries and consumers worldwide. After their success in receiving the Best International Chemical Production Company – Indonesia award, we interviewed President and Director, Jun de Dios to find out more about the impact AkzoNobel is having on the world today. for decorative solutions for their living spaces.” On receiving the Best International Chemical Production Company – Indonesia award, Jun is keen to share with us his thoughts on this prestigious honour. “We are honoured to be recognised as the Best International Chemical Production Company in Indonesia at the prestigious Business Award 2016. It is certainly an achievement for AkzoNobel and it speaks volumes of our firm footing in the hearts of many Indonesian inhabitants. Consumers expect a brand they can count on and one that will continuously meet their needs. We work very hard to gain and maintain our customers’ trust, by providing high quality paints and providing colour inspiration, while enabling them to decorate with ease. “We believe that Dulux is a catalyst for renewal, improving and enriching lives through the many innovative products and services we offer. With that in mind, we seek to lift spirits through the transformative power of colour by adding colour to people’s lives and as such consumers have begun to expect that of our brand. A trusted paint brand is not only superior in terms of quality, but also in ensuring that the needs of the future generations are well taken care of, while sustaining our long-term commitment to the community.” Jun then underlines the company’s philosophy when it comes to client service. “Our customers are our focus and as such, we want to ensure that we could provide them with added value. Our strategy is to build long-lasting partnerships with our customers. This enables us to get clearer insights into their specific needs and how we could help them; thus, we will can provide solutions that best serve their needs. “We also have a dedicated team to work closely with our customers, not only to help them choose the most suitable products, but also to ensure technical support and services are always provided in a timely manner.” The company uses technology in several ways, to provide the best quality services to clients, Jun explains. “At AkzoNobel, innovation sits amongst everything that we do. We strive to develop sustainable solutions for the challenges that people face daily, by building a resilient portfolio of more sustainable products. “We have a wide range of products suited to all consumer functions and a kaleidoscope of colour tools, to help our consumers with making the right colour choices based on their preferences, market trends and the latest innovation in paint technology. The important thing is that the consumer is not limited in terms of how they want the look, but also in terms of the feel of the paint on surfaces. “A great example is Dulux Ambiance, a range of premium interior special effects paint. For the functional minded, our Dulux Weathershield range incorporates best in class weather proofing technology, suited to varying environments around the world. For the environmental conscious consumer, we have a range of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products, that are both environmentally responsible and eco-friendly. “On the digital front, we offer Dulux Visualizer, an augmented reality mobile app for the iPhone & Android devices. It lets users visualise in real-time what interiors look like - in a wide range of colours and with the ability to share their ideas - before actual paint is applied to the walls. “All our paints are designed for durability - to meet the needs of today’s consumers - while preserving the environment for future generations. Customers can choose from a wide range of paint colours and can rely on our expert advice on paints that will suit their purposes, as well as their individual design preferences.”