October 2017

APAC / October 2017 13 , 1710AP03 Communicating Around the World NTT Communications (NTT Com) is a solutions company providing consultancy, architecture, security and cloud services to help enterprises worldwide optimize their information and communications technology (ICT) environments. We spoke toMr Naoki Wakai, CEO& President of NTT Singapore Pte Ltd as we look to find out about the services the company provides and its overall mission. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, NTT Communications has subsidiaries and offices in over 110 cities and more than 40 countries/regions with over 21,000 employees worldwide. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. Mr Wakai tells us more about the company, describing some of the services that the firm offers, as well as detailing some of the success of the company. “With our end-to-end information and ICT services, we provide safe and secure solutions for your enterprise. Backed by our world- class global infrastructure, we integrate existing systems with new architectures to optimize resources, build more flexible environments and drive innovation. We are a recognized industry leader with services and solutions that win awards worldwide. Mr Wakai provides us with a brief overview of the communications industry in the APAC region currently, noting what outside influences there are affecting both the company and the industry. Digital transformation is starting to have an impact across major vertical sectors, from Government to banking, retailers, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing, including telecom/IT providers. Levels of digital maturity also vary by company and country, but the underlying technology is still the common denominator. Telecommunications carriers, like NTT Communications, have to move away from simple reselling and look for ways to integrate with new partners to achieve market differentiations. Lastly, the company should be prepared to change its culture, and embrace a fail-fast mindset, showing a willingness to push the boundaries of regulation.” Approaching new projects is important to the success of any company, as making a good first impression means customers and clients are more likely to return. Mr Wakai outlines the steps that NTT Communications undertakes in order to ensure the client receives the best possible outcome. “Here at NTT Communications, we have a set SOP to ensure that we thoroughly understand the customer so that we can propose the most suitable solution. Making sure each client feels their project is valued, a team of professionals and dedicated specialists will be assigned to every request for proposal. The team consisted of an assigned Account Manager, Pre-sales to understand customers’ needs, Project Manager to ensure successful deployment and implementation after the contract has been concluded. Lastly, our After-Sales Service team and customer service will be assigned to ensure that clients’ issues are taken care afterwards. We regularly engaged our customers in conversations to understand more about them and their needs, and further improve on our deliverance to them.” Integral to the success of the company, is ensuring all staff are working towards the same mission and looking to reach the same goals. Mr Wakai outlines the firm’s vision, highlighting the fact that innovation is at the forefront of the team’s mind, as it looks to partner its clients through all projects, from inception to completion, “Since 2016, our new corporate vision statement has been Transform; Transcend. To help our customers with their own digital transformation, we will provide innovative services and cutting-edge technologies that will dramatically evolve and dynamically transform business, markets, and society. “Essentially, we are our customers’ business transformation partner through three key pillars; Transform to hybrid Cloud, accelerate digital transformation and deliver disruptive technologies.” Overall, in his concluding comments, Mr Wakai tells us what techniques NTT Communications will employ in order to stay ahead of emerging developments within the ever-evolving communications industry. “Research and development activities are carried out in three different laboratories in a wide range of fields, including some of the most advanced ICT research in the world. One of these labs is based in Silicon Valley. NTT spends approximately one billion dollars annually and in Japan alone, NTT has 2500 researchers in 12 different labs. “Ultimately, in the interest of staying ahead and better serve the needs of our customers, NTT takes to R&D to create new communication services and to foster foundational technologies that will realize communication networks to support these services by setting up the NTT Innovation Institute Inc.” Company: NTT Singapore Pte Ltd Contact: Sharon Ng, Marketing Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 20 West Pasir Panjang Road, #11-28 Mapletree Business City, 117439, Singapore Phone: +65 6438 3101 Website: www.sg.ntt.com