November 2017 Time Lapse

24 APAC / November 2017 , that the “actual contact” between an employer in need to find a resource and a candidate who is looking for a new job has become more detached and impersonal. “At Stones International, we have never ceased to search for and meet best candidates in each specific industry we serve. In the major part of the cases, our candidates are not even available candidates, since they are satisfied and engaged where they are, and do not scout the market for possible opportunities. They simply do not have the time and the interest to do it. But they always find time to listen to us and what we have in mind for their next career move.” “Fundamentally, the final result for the client is the essential oil of the research, obtained through talking and meeting with the best, most qualified and most suitable candidates available in the market.” Innovation, ambition and versatility are all key aspects of the company’s success. Business through word of mouth is always important, as Giuseppe alludes to, noting that some of the company’s clients have been with the firm since it first opened in Hong Kong. He comments on the three major factors which differentiate the firm from its competitors. “The major part of our business comes from returning clients who have been with us during the last 10 years, since we first opened our office in Hong Kong. The main reasons of this success are due to three key factors, which differentiate us: Firstly, we have perfect understanding of our clients’ needs, since our consultants have previously served in senior management roles in their industries. During the assignment process, we closely liaise with clients and update them constantly about the progress that the company has made. “Working on an exclusive basis is the mandatory requirement of our engagement with clients. This allows us to guarantee the maximum confidentiality and total control over the information shared with candidates and clients. Industry specialist’s knowledge, sartorial approach, close focus and protection of confidentiality are the key ingredients of the best service clients can find in executive search. “In Executive Search and Leadership Advisory, like for the finest tailors, passionate restaurateurs or the most exclusive relais in hospitality, the essence of success is all about the relationship of trust which competent individuals establish with their clients.” Another aspect of its success is the internal culture within Stones International. Giuseppe comments on the fact that the business usually hires people with the relevant experience and expertise, as well as those who are able to work in a team and in a cooperative manner. “Important to our success, we normally hire industry veterans, with managerial expertise that our clients treasure. All this, within a company culture of true cooperation in the interest of the clients, leading to punctual results.” Looking to the future, Stones International are expanding their services into the direction of Leadership Advisory. In Geographical terms, the business opened an office in Singapore in 2016, and is looking at opening two more locations, with one in Asia and one in Europe, in order to offer its clients all the assistance they need in crucial markets.