November 2017 Time Lapse

22 APAC / November 2017 , 1706AP05 Discreet Partners of Market Leaders Stones International is a retained Executive Search & Leadership Advisory firm. GiuseppeMilito tells us more about the influential firmand what he attributes to its success. Stones International assists companies identify their top management in Asia, whilst also helping senior management professionals in their career development. Stones is part of IIC Partners, the world’s 8th largest executive search network, with more than 50 offices around the world. Giuseppe talks about the most influential aspects of Stones International which contribute to the firm’s success. “At Stones International, our most tangible asset is our people, and the years they have spent in senior management positions in the same industries of the clients they serve today. When we are requested to work on a new search mandate, we focus on the client’s requirements in terms of skills searched, but also the environment and company culture in which the new incumbent will work, the working styles, the cultural challenges, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the specific industry sector, making sure that every search starts with the clear roadmap of the direction to follow and the most suitable pool of talent to consider.” Outlining the company’s overall mission, Giuseppe clearly details the team’s ambition, noting how it wants to offer the best service possible, whilst covering a variety of areas. “Embedded in the company culture is our mission, that of providing the most competent Executive Search and Leadership Advisory services in Asia to clients and senior management talents who operate in Consumer, Fashion & Luxury, Supply Chain, Financial Services, Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) and Automotive sectors.” Providing us with a brief overview of the executive search industry, particularly within Asia, Giuseppe talks about the versatility of many firms, and comments on the fact that many of the companies are focused on getting the product out quickly, rather than delivering the best service. Stones International adopt a dedicated approach, focusing on the needs of others and paying the utmost attention to detail. “In Asia, in our industry, you can find big international groups, but at the same time also small players (essentially, employment agencies), which inevitably tend to dilute standards in the name of a more economical approach.” “Potential clients may at times be attracted by the size of big groups; other clients remain attracted by the fascinating promises of a shorter, less structured search process which lead to the promise of lower fees made by smaller operators.“ “Here at Stones International, we adopt a sartorial and dedicated approach in all our searches, like artisans in a way. We like to work with clients who appreciate our professional way of producing research. And those clients normally fall in love with our firm, and become our best advertising tool.” Working within the competitive search sector, it is vital that Giuseppe and the rest of the team employ techniques which enable the company to stay ahead of emerging developments. He alludes to how quickly the industry has evolved, and how the business has never settled on its laurels, constantly looking for new methods of research. “Throughout the last five years, the web has radically changed the expectations, but also the reality and the nature, of the communications between employers and candidates. Though we all are connected and reachable in real time, reality is