November 2017 Time Lapse

APAC / November 2017 15 Contact: HK Email: [email protected] Company: GemVCare Unit 628 Centre 2, 11 Science Park West Ave Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T. Developing Excellence g We offer two genetic tests and other biochemical tests related to diabetes. The two genetic tests are DForesee TM and DProtect TM : 1) DForesee™ is a test that estimates the probability for having type 2 diabetes based on personal, genetic and modifiable risk factors. It includes common variants of genes implicated in development, structure and function of insulin-secreting cells. Carriers of these genetic variants may develop diabetes at an earlier age, while high genetic risk carriers with prediabetic symptoms may need early drug use for control. Family members of those with diabetes are strongly advised to learn about their genetic risk for having diabetes in order to take early preventive actions. 2) DProtect™ is a panel of tests that are able to calculate a five-year probability and predict your future risk of developing cardiovascular- renal complications related to diabetes. It includes common variants of genes which can be activated by high blood glucose, blood pressure and lipids levels to cause cardiovascular- renal disease. Those who have diabetes are advised to learn about their genetic risk for diabetic complications, in order to intensify their control of risk factors including use of organ protective drugs for early prevention. 3) Others Apart from genetic tests related to diabetes, we also provide other diabetic biochemical tests to check for beta cell sufficiency and screen for monogenic diabetes. These tests include C-peptide, Anti- GAD, Anti-IA-2 and monogenetic panel for screening of young- onset diabetes (MODY). Procedures: Our tests are simple and safe, with only trace amount of buccal cells or blood, we can analyse your genetic risk of getting diabetes or its complications. No prior fasting or medication intervention is needed. Samples will then be sent to us and analysed in our lab located in the Hong Kong Science Park with world-class equipment which supports our high quality testing service. The Technology: Our Gemomic® Technology (which combines biomedical and information technology) is a patented technology based on decades of university research, and validated by over ten thousand clinical cases in our local population. This can be used to predict and prevent diabetes, and offer personalized care to those with or at risk of diabetes.