November 2017 Time Lapse

12 APAC / November 2017 , Working within the Real Estate business, first impressions are vital, especially when approaching new clients. Glen informs us of what steps the company take in order to ensure that clients receive the best possible services and their requirements are met. He talks about how the clients are kept up to date by staff throughout every single step of the process, and how the team prides itself on its excellent attention to detail. “Whenever we meet with clients, we ensure that we provide them with first class service. As soon as we have met them for the first time, they will receive an email and letter thanking them for their time. If we have listed their property they will receive emails, letters and flowers as a thank you gift for entrusting us with the sale of their property. Vendors’ children will receive presents specifically tailored to their interests as well as a hat or scarf for their sporting team. We pride ourselves on being very efficient while having exceptional attention to detail. Photographs, floorplans, copy, aerials and any other services required are booked as soon as the property is listed so that the campaign can begin when the vendor desires. These qualities ensure that our clients are looked after and have all their needs met.” Discussing the challenges that the company has overcome in order to be successful in the Asia-Pacific region, Glen talks about the growth in Chinese buyers which presented an issue for the firm. However, RT Edgar embraced the challenge, something Glen points out. “One of the biggest challenges in the industry, has been the increase in Chinese buyers and sellers. When this occurred, we had minimal Chinese agents working for us, so we were unable to communicate with Chinese clients as effectively as we would have liked. To overcome this, over the last three years, we have increased our staff from 0 to 8 Chinese agents who are assisting us in being successful in the Asia-Pacific region.” Differentiating the company from other real estate agencies, Glen again alludes to the excellent attention to detail that the team pays to each individual process, and the extra lengths the company goes to satisfy clients. Glen also refers to the extra effort he himself puts in and what unique offerings he provides to make his clients happy. Customer service is vital to the success of the company as most of its business comes through word of mouth. “Fundamentally, we differentiate from our competitors with our exceptional attention to detail and the extra lengths we go to in order to satisfy our clients. We focus on making clients for life by developing lasting relationships with each vendor and buyer. We pride ourselves on being able to meet clients’ needs and then exceeding them. This strategy puts us above our competitors because our service is personal, and we genuinely care about our clients and the relationships we build with them.” Looking toward the future, there is a lot of positivity surrounding RT Edgar, and it is well placed as an agency to build on its success and cement itself as one of the leading real estate agency’s in not just Melbourne, but across a wider spectrum. Opening more offices across Melbourne and expanding the database, are both exciting projects in the pipeline for RT Edgar. “Ultimately, we have a lot of plans for the future and are always developing projects to increase business growth and success. We would like to focus on the property management aspect of our business and ultimately increase our rental portfolio. One of our larger goals for the future, is to open 2-3 more offices across Melbourne to expand our data base and create more exposure over different areas. Also, we would like to do a lot more commercial real estate over the next few years. Overall, we would ideally like to further develop the business in as many areas as possible and gain more market share within the industry.”