November 2017 Time Lapse

10 APAC / November 2017 , 1711AP07 Melbourne’s Prestige Real Estate Specialists As one of the most respected and longest-serving real estate agencies inMelbourne, RT Edgar is renowned for exceptional results, outstanding service, personal integrity and utmost professionalism. Glen Coutinho gives an in-depth overview of the company, as we look to gain an insight into its success. For over one hundred years, RT Edgar has grown to become Melbourne’s prestige property experts, proudly representing some of the finest homes in metropolitan and greater Victoria. RT Edgar is a family business, and Glen is in partnership with two of his brother in laws, Paul and Nick Walker, as well as two Chinese partners, Annabelle and Ted Feng. Also, Glen is in partnership with Associate Director, Dale Edgcumbe. Alongside this, the company have partnered with James Hatzolos to launch into Manningham. Lastly, Glen and his partners will be running Hawthorne Kew Balwyn and Carlton Manningham. Their experienced team includes, real estate agents, sales negotiators, auctioneers and property managers, all of whom are committed to delivering the best possible results for our clients. Specifically, RT Edgar Boroondara have two separate departments within the office, sales and property management, which interconnect with one another. The company has a flat management structure, no tall hierarchy with many rungs of the ladder. The whole team ultimately operates on the same level under the directors, and continue to maintain channels of communication and accountability from junior staff, right through to the senior team members. The strong leadership team aligns the company’ values, ensuring RT Edgar’s great success. Additionally, RT Edgar possesses a wide array of personalities, skillsets, ages and backgrounds in the office. It has agents specialising in different areas of real estate and client needs, making it all the easier to pair the right agent with each client. The key to RT Edgar’s success in the prestige property market is the personal relationships they develop with the client, as the team carefully tailor a sales and marketing strategy to showcase the quality characteristics of the client’s property. Whether the client is selling, buying or renting, RT Edgar proudly delivers the prestige service that the client expects, and that the client’s property deserves. Glen outlines the firm’s overall mission and what steps the company has in place which will enable it to reach its targets. “Here at RT Edgar, our overall mission is to provide first class service to our clients throughout the buying and selling process. From the first meeting and every open for inspection, right through to the signing of the contract and beyond, our agents are always available to discuss the progress of your sale. We ensure that all our client’s needs are met and that the process is made as simple and stress free as possible. As we have a wide array of personalities and ages, we ensure that we pair the right agent with each client. For example, an elderly lady who has lived in her home for many decades needs an agent with compassion, empathy and the understanding to help the selling process run smoothly. We tailor the whole selling process specifically to each client, including the agent, marketing, styling and any additional details that we can assist with. When a client lists with us they receive flowers that day and their children receive presents. Throughout the whole campaign we ensure that vendors are kept up to date and are contacted daily. We maintain our strong reputation through the extra efforts we go to in order to provide our clients with the best result possible.”