November 2017 IPA

4 APAC / November 2017 NEWS , ANA, Japan’s largest airline, is proud to an- nounce it is continuing its successful U.S. fo- cused marketing cam- paign, ‘Experience Class™.’ This year, the campaign will be bigger and bolder with original digital con- tent, as well as exciting new and continued partnerships, including actor Scott Eastwood and global DJ and producer, Steve Aoki. The goal of the campaign is to inspire U.S. travellers to consider Asia as their next travel destination. And, more importantly, to choose ANA – a five-star, ultra-premium airline with unparalleled hospitality and style – as the carrier to take them there. The ANA campaign re-launch comes at a critical time as air- lines are becoming less known for passenger hospitality and more known for discomfort. At the same time, travel to Asia is becoming more popular. In fact, U.S. travel to Asia for vacations and holiday has been on the rise1 and Asia is one of the most popular overseas destinations for U.S. travellers, be- hind Europe and the Caribbean2. Tokyo was also just named one of the 2017 Best Cities in the World3 due to its unique mix of ultramod- ern vibes, historic shrines, forests and status as one of the world’s best destinations for foodies. ANA sets itself apart during this unique cross-section of travel trends with its unshakeable belief that the journey is as important as the des- tination, and that no matter who you are or where you sit, everyone on an ANA flight is in Experience Class™. “We are thrilled to continue the momentum as we re-launch our Experience Class campaign for the second year,” said Tadashi Matsu- shita, Head of PR & Communica- tions for the Americas. “This year we hope to bring to life the au- thentic culture of Japan and Asia through food, fashion and culture, from the experience onboard our aircrafts to on-the-ground in Asia, because we truly believe the travel experience should be as enjoya- ble as the exciting destination that awaits.” The Experience Class™ campaign is adding new dynamic elements into the mix this year with: ANA Announces the Continuation of its Groundbreaking ‘Experience Class™’ Campaign Japan’s largest airline demonstrates an ongoing commitment to reaching U.S. audiences with dynamic original content and integrated partnerships – including Scott Eastwood and Steve Aoki – to highlight its renowned five-star service.