New Zealand Business Awards 2018

9 APAC / 2018 NewZealand Business Awards Vapor Gas Equipment Ltd Contact Details: Company: Vapor Gas Equipment Ltd Name: Nick Foster Address: 48 Peary Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, 1024, New Zealand Phone: +64 9 630-3389 | Email: [email protected] Website: a running overview on new technologies and alternative product developments to maintain our position at the forefront of LPG equipment supply.” Thanks to the these recent developments in New Zealand’s energy market, the future for Vapor Gas Equipment and its clients looks uncertain. However, despite this Nick is optimistic that his firm will continue to succeed thanks to its vast industry knowledge, reputation for excellence and flexible approach, as he is proud to conclude. “Currently, the future of the gas and oil market in New Zealand is in a state of flux, awaiting firm policy about renewed exploration from the government. In this environment we have only conjecture about optional futures. “Despite this uncertainty, Vapor Gas Equipment will be well-placed to meet the needs of our clients, with well-developed technologies in the mixed gas arena to assist, should Peak Shaving or Load Shedding capabilities for Natural Gas network operators become one possible future. If Natural Gas production is uncertain or compromised, Simulated Natural Gas (SNG) offers an economical alternative, and is readily available now. Along with the traditional equipment for direct use of LPG, and the introduction of new technology and methods we will remain flexible and open to supporting our clients with whatever they require over the coming years.”