New Zealand Business Awards 2018

8 APAC / 2018 NewZealand Business Awards , Vapor Gas Equipment Ltd Oct18409 Best LPG Energy Equipment Distributor 2018 Based in Auckland, Vapor Gas Equipment specialises in LPG products and gas systems engineering. We caught up with Nick Foster to find out more and explore the secrets behind the success of this dedicated and dynamic company. Experts in liquid LPG and high capacity vapour systems with thorough international back-up from world renowned manufacturers, the team at Vapor Gas Equipment pride themselves in quality equipment supply, their LPG and gas system design as well as their troubleshooting capabilities. Thanks to these skills and its vast experience in the market, today Vapor Gas Equipment is a specialist supplier of LPG equipment to industry clients across New Zealand and the South Pacific. Nick explores the firm’s service offering in more detail and outlines how the company has become such a renowned figure in the market over the years. “Here at Vapor Gas Equipment, we source our products from internationally renowned manufacturers, well respected by our target clients who make up the bulk of the LPG gas suppliers and their authorized service providers. Our extensive product offering is backed up by industry best knowledge and advice for installation and operation. “For our clients, our comprehensive understanding of customer service and the open willingness to address any issue experienced are major benefits of dealing with Vapor Gas Equipment. If something does go wrong we will do our utmost to resolve the issue with in-house expertise or by calling on international expert assistance or advice, and we have fantastic manufacturer support developed by years of relationship with our principal suppliers.” Operating in such a fast-paced industry, Vapor Gas Equipment has to work hard to ensure that it remains at the forefront of emerging market developments. Nick shares an insight into the firm’s knowledge of the market and how it is adapting around the latest changes to ensure it continues to meet its clients ever- evolving needs. “The LPG industry in New Zealand is both buoyant and exciting, experiencing sustainable growth. There is continuing development of safer practices, and an industry focus on efficiency. Recent Government announcements about achieving Nett Zero-Carbon and reduction of GHG emissions could see more uptake of LPG as a transitional fuel away from heavier fuels towards more sustainable alternatives. Vapor Gas Equipment is maintaining Nick Foster MNZIGE, IGEM Director | Vapor Gas Equipment Ltd