New Zealand Business Awards 2018

7 APAC / 2018 NewZealand Business Awards Sky View Photography was started by Andrew Underwood, who had previously worked as an aerial survey pilot and been introduced to the drone technology when it was in its infancy nearly a decade ago. This was where he developed a passion for aerial picture taking and realized he was in a position to branch out on his own as the industry became regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority for the first time in 2015. Thanks to the full commercial pilots’ qualification he holds, and the operational skill set with remote control units he had developed, an opportunity was seized to offer his own services with the niche combination of ability and certification he possessed. Today his company aims to display its clients’ assets at their very finest through creative aerial angles, showcasing viewpoints unseen from ground level. With sites spread the length and breadth of the country, Sky View Sky ViewPhotography Oct18256 Best Aerial Photography & Videography Company 2018 Drawing on a vast wealth of experience, Sky ViewPhotography provides aerial imagery, both still photography andmotion video for clients in the real estate, agricultural, architectural, construction, motor sport, marine and tourism industries. As part of our overview of a selection of the deserving winners from this year’s NewZealand Business Awards we profile the firm to learnmore about the services it has to offer. Photography are constantly co-ordinating with others in the aviation sector where they have established a credible rapport with airport management, air traffic controllers and the regulators themselves. Detailed aviation weather forecasts are analysed to plan each shoot in accordance with often changeable sky conditions to achieve the ultimate shots that generate a wow factor upon delivery. Unique in a competitive market, Sky View Photography have the ability to fly aerial camera equipment where other non- licenced operators cannot. This is thanks to the Civil Aviation Rules that govern the flying of remotely piloted devices requiring a recognised pilots qualification that the team all hold in order to fly within 4km radius of any aerodrome or helipad. This is particularly beneficial as the company is based in Auckland where there are many airports and heliports established, blanketing off a large amount of the city as a no-go zone for most other drone photographers. Without these limitations, Sky View Photography supports clients throughout the wider region and can offer them all the benefit of their vast aviation expertise without any red tape restrictions. Moving forward, Sky View Photography is looking to follow advances in drone technology as the industry continues to evolve and match its services with the capability of the latest hardware to ensure that the team continues to offer clients cutting-edge solutions over the years ahead. Contact Details: Company: Sky View Photography Name: Andrew Underwood Address: PO Box 39505, Howick, 2145, New Zealand Phone: +64211247970 Website: