New Zealand Business Awards 2018

15 APAC / 2018 NewZealand Business Awards Best Full-Service Branding Solutions Provider 2018 g Vodafone New Zealand Creates Agile and Programmable Network with Ciena Vodafone NewZealand is distinguishing itself fromother network operators in the region by enabling support for, 5G, IoT, UHD video, and other bandwidth-heavy applications that its users are gravitating towards in their personal and professional lives. Utilising technologies from Ciena, Vodafone New Zealand is unveiling an adaptable and agile network that can respond in real time to its customers’ changing demands. Through a digital user-interface (UI), business customers will easily be able to request additional network capacity from Vodafone in a faster, automated way. With an adaptive network, Vodafone can better support a growing enterprise customer base that requires high-capacity connectivity as business applications and workloads increasingly move to public cloud services (SaaS/IaaS) and cloud data centres both locally and internationally. Vodafone Technology Director Tony Baird says this deployment builds on a long-standing relationship. “Our long-standing collaboration with Ciena is a relationship we value greatly. The combination of top-echelon technology and impeccable customer service has put us in a winning position. As a result, we’re very comfortable in not only maintaining but growing our customer base, particularly those that require complex and unique network services.” Vodafone can also set customer- defined service policies and program its network to suggest the ideal capacity, hardware configuration and spectral placement for any channel, across any network path. Additionally, with Ciena’s Liquid Restoration capability, the operator can significantly improve service availability with flexible adjustment of deployed coherent optical capacity and route affected services across any available path in the network. “To respond to changes in end- user consumption and explosion in data usage, leading operators like Vodafone New Zealand must both automate and scale their networks,” said Rick Seeto, Vice President and General Manager, Ciena Asia Pacific & Japan. “They need a network that can adapt and respond, in real time, to their customers’ ever-changing demands while transforming from a necessary capability to a strategic asset – that’s the basis of the adaptive network.”