APAC 2017 New Zealand Business Awards

8 APAC / New Zealand Business Awards 2017 , Established in 1999, First Light is a visionary, well established and highly respected reputable New Zealand company built on the sound principles of hard work, ethical management, environmental sensitivity and solid business practices. It is a pioneering and highly innovative company while at the same time being totally dedicated to establishing New Zealand as a world leader in natural health care. The company was built on the vision of supplying accessible affordable natural healthcare options for all people backed up with state of the art educational options. The company was formed out of 30 years of research into the ‘nature power’ of New Zealand and the therapeutic secrets concealed in the unique native plants that grow in New Zealand’s ancient forests. This research has resulted in the complete restoration of the ethnobotanical wisdom that is the sacred plant medicine of Aotearoa. In recognition for this outstanding achievement the New Zealand Health Industry awarded Franchelle Ofsoské- Wyber, the Co-founder of First Light Flower Essences, the New Zealand Health Industry Distinguished Service Research and Development Award in 2008. Through its work, First Light is at the cutting edge in flower essence research, development and training worldwide. It is the first natural health company in the world to have identified and isolated the five distinct principles that Mother Nature uses to heal herself and how these five healing principles are reflected in five distinct groups or families of native plants growing in the ancient forests of Aotearoa, New Zealand. The company produces one of the world’s largest, most integrated and comprehensive range of flower essences. Currently it has 184 essences plus a comprehensive range of combination blends in its range. They are supplied direct to health care professionals and are stocked by retailers who specialise in natural products and healthy lifestyle. One of the many products that sets the firm apart from its competitors are the First Light ® range of fern essences that we have pioneered and developed. These specialised fern essences are designed to quickly and efficiently address various forms of trauma. First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® is also the first company in the world to make available on a commercial scale, ‘sacred plant medicine’. This is the ethnobotanical medicine made from plants that have released their optimum healing powers. In addition, the flagship service offered by First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® that differentiates it from other firms on the market is the educational programme with its associated online school. First Light Flower Essences ® have developed a comprehensive, fully integrated educational training programme for working with flower essences and the nature power of Aotearoa. In this comprehensive certified training programme, the company provides the teachings on the ancient sacred lore of the native forests that is contained in the totally unique, very special and profoundly significant special ecology of the native forests of Aotearoa, New Zealand. This is the first time these ancient teachings have ever been made available to the public. The educational program addresses the rapidly expanding trend of working more consciously with nature and acquiring the skills to interact with nature in a very sophisticated and environmentally friendly way. First Light ® have a state of the art international online school that enables people anywhere in the world to learn about and work with the remarkable healing powers of the native plants of New Zealand. The training options offered are fully experiential and dynamically transformational. It is totally modular and highly flexible; all study modules are stand alone and can be selected in any order. This means people can work at their own pace with subjects of particular interest to them while living busy lives. The online school is packed with online information, resources and support providing over 200 hours of state of the art flower essence training for those who want to obtain their certificate or diploma in New Zealand native flower essence therapy. Operating in and from New Zealand with its ‘clean and green’ image we are extremely well positioned to take advantage of the rapidly growing interest in natural health. Looking ahead, First Light Flower Essences Of New Zealand ® are poised to go to a whole new level and become an even more meaningful and influential presence in the energy medicine sector or the global market. First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand ® is a world leader in the field of flower essences and vibrational phytomedicine. We profile the firm to explore the secrets behind its success. Award for Excellence in Holistic Natural Health Products