APAC 2017 New Zealand Business Awards

, Best Global Voice Services Company 2017 As a leading telecommunications carrier, TNZI is renowned for providing quality voice carriage and innovative new-generation services to NewZealand, Australia and the world. We profile the firm to explore the secrets behind its success so far. Since inception TNZI has flourished, and systematically set up its own Points of Interconnect (POI) in strategic positions globally and interconnects with a further 200 partner networks, creating a comprehensive network footprint that can provide an efficient and seamless voice carriage anywhere in the world. Its smart network then gives customers access to a combination of traditional and new-generation services. As the industry transitions from traditional telecommunications services to feature-rich cloud communications, more than ever customers are expecting new-generation capabilities and inclusions to complement their service. With years of experience offering these quality and in-demand services at an international level, providers are turning to TNZI. TNZI does not only help established telcos who want to expand their service suite from traditional services. It also enables smaller new- generation providers who can take advantage of TNZI’s wide selection of specialised voice capabilities, allowing them to deliver additional features and value-added services to their end-users. To ensure success for clients, TNZI has all bases covered. From traditional services like voice termination, domestic and emergency services and direct in-dial numbers, all the way to the latest new-generation services like real-time toll fraud protection, SIP Trunking and International Toll Forwarding Services (ITFS). Products such as ITFS are in high-demand at the moment as businesses strive to have a more global presence. Instead of having to deal with individual countries and regulators before establishing a virtual presence in each country, you can leverage TNZI’s pre-existing global relationships and set up a virtual number in over 80 different countries. As these products increase in demand, the more traditional carrier markets dwindle. The flow-on effect of this increasing demand for new-generation services, is service providers looking for carriers to facilitate these capabilities. It’s important for providers to not only find a carrier who can provide a full suite of these in-demand features, but find a partner who is also established and reliable, with expertise in all areas of voice carriage. Overall, TNZI is on track to becoming one of the go-to carriers in the booming Asia Pacific region. Last year it successfully launched a new point of presence facility in Hong Kong. This significant expansion has proven to be a huge success in positioning TNZI as a carrier of choice for European and US telcos seeking to expand in the lucrative Asia Pacific market. Clients entering the Asia market, now have access to more interconnect options, increased diversity within the core network and new traffic route options. The Hong Kong PoP completes a global network ring, following upgrades to TNZI’s London and Los Angeles facilities. This significant investment will ensure TNZI is positioned to compete for a larger share of the enormous Asia market. And its global voice network is prepared to carry the growing volume of traffic on direct routes between Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Level 7, 13-27 Manners Street, PO Box 1092, Wellington, 6140, New Zealand Web Address: www.TNZI.com With the final Point of Presence in Hong Kong now up and running, TNZI has positioned itself to compete for a larger share of the enormous Asian market. It looks forward to continually providing its wide range of additional features and specialised voice capabilities over our global new-generation voice network – backed by the highest standard of customer service.