APAC 2017 New Zealand Business Awards

2 APAC / New Zealand Business Awards 2017 Editor’s Note , Welcome to the NewZealand Business Awards 2017 The 2017 New Zealand Business Awards have been designed to celebrate the innovative thinkers and talented firms from their respected industries. These awards aim to cast a light on the dedication shown and achievements made by those within a diverse range of businesses. It is with great pride that we showcase our deserving winners, all of whom have been awarded their titles based, on merit. Once voting closed, our dedicated in-house research team set to work, researching every one of our winners to ensure that only the very best of the best were included in this prestigious programme. Our full list of winner’s can be found below the supplement on the award’s page; this supplement offers a fascinating glimpse into the work some of our winners undertake and how they have achieved this phenomenal success. K