May 2017

APAC / May 2017 7 NEWS , The PolyWorks sales growth in the three largest Asian markets, China, Ja- pan, and India, has reached an impressive 35%. Moreover, PolyWorks support/ maintenance contract sales in North America and in Western European countries have also significantly increased, by 30% and 40% respectively. “2016 represented a defining mo- ment in our company’s history: we achieved our 2006 vision of delivering a universal 3D metrol- ogy software platform by unifying the worlds of portable metrology and CNC CMMs. Although an im- pressive achievement in itself, is what truly made PolyWorks 2016 a milestone in the metrology in- dustry is the fact that it delivered a truly universal 3D metrology work- flow. Portable metrology and CNC CMM operators were now able to define and execute their measure- ment plans, and review the meas- urement results, using the same tools and methods within a single software module,” said Marc Sou- cy, President of InnovMetric. “Commercially, it was also a tran- sition year, as our large manufac- turing OEM customers needed to assess all the cost-reduction opportunities brought by a univer- sal platform before embracing our unique vision. The remarkable growth in license and support/ maintenance sales worldwide shows that PolyWorks 2016 is gaining acceptance and is start- ing to take root. This is exciting news that should lead to major sales opportunities in FY2017 as we prepare to celebrate the sale of the 20,000th PolyWorks license in June.” For more information, please visit: Curtin is achieving this by partnering with Hitachi to co-cre- ate solutions that harness IoT data through advanced analytics to provide insight into the daily run- ning and utilisation of the campus. Curtin University has more than 60,000 students and 4,000 staff on 300,000sqm of floor space. It is Western Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse university, and has one of Australia’s largest international student populations. Ian Callahan, chief operating of- ficer of Curtin University said: “Understanding our campus op- erations and building utilisation has become a major factor in Curtin’s smart campus initiative. With the Hitachi IoT solution, we can collect data using a variety of sensors to gather information on building trends, study patterns, and course attendance that can ultimately be used to improve student experience and enhance learning.” Ultimately, these data insights al- low Curtin University to generate contextual information about the lifecycle of the student, the day to day reality of a staff member, the activity pattern of a lecture theatre, and the dynamics and environmental health of a library. Callahan added: “We are effec- tively creating a living laboratory that is an open invitation to our own researchers and scientists from other universities to use our campus to discover and innovate with data-driven research. Hitachi demonstrated not only technol- ogy leadership but approached us with a very open mind, to par- ticipate in that living environment and collaborate with others.” InnovMetric Reports Record PolyWorks® License Sales Worldwide for Fiscal Year 2016 Curtin University has selected Hitachi to deploy an internet of things (IoT) solution to advance its vision of a smart campus that enhances the student experience, improves classroom learning and ultimately attracts more industry to collaborate on data-driven research. N With the Hitachi solution, the uni- versity will be able to combine video data with operational data across its campus facilities to provide analytics that support a smart campus. This is achieved through the integration of Hitachi Visualization Suite, Hitachi Video Analytics, Pentaho, Live Face Matching and Hitachi Data Sys- tems Infrastructure and Compute. The single analytics dashboard provides the real-time knowledge the university needs to make informed decisions about their classes, operations and future re- quirements. “Curtin University is a prime ex- ample of forward-thinking organ- isations that have challenged Hitachi to develop its video ana- lytics solutions to go beyond sur- veillance and public safety. They are effectively pioneers of digital transformation,” said Mark Jules, vice president of public safety and smart city solutions at Hitachi Insight Group. “We’re excited to be co-creating a comprehensive IoT-enabled solution with them and we look forward to working with Curtin University and their research partners to accelerate future innovation through our on- going collaboration.” For more information, visit www., HDS. com & InnovMetric Software Inc., the leading provider of universal 3Dmetrology software solutions, proudly announced onMay 8th, that worldwide demand for PolyWorks® in fiscal year 2016 (endingMarch 31, 2017) led to a 20% global sales revenue increase compared to the previous fiscal year. This growthwas fuelled by record sales of 3300 new licenses of PolyWorks.