May 2017

38 APAC / May 2017 , 1704AP18 Multi-Disciplinary Teaching, Research and Public Service from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK Shenzhen) inherits the educational philosophy and academic systems of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and aspires to become a world- leading research university. CUHK Shenzhen is also committed to nurturing high quality talent with a global perspective, Chinese tradition and cultural influence, and social responsibility. Nationally, regionally and internationally- renowned university CUHK is among the top universities in Asia and is consistently ranked in the top 50 globally by the QS World University Rankings®. The new campus Shenzhen of CUHK focuses on the creation, preservation, application and dissemination of knowledge through the pursuit of excellence in multi-disciplinary teaching, research and public service. In this way, we aim to serve the needs and enhance the well-being of the citizens of the Pearl River Delta, China and the wider world community. CUHK Shenzhen’s bilingual and global teaching, scholarly output and contribution to the community consistently meet standards of excellence. Today, over 2,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students are studying at CUHK Shenzhen. Due to the strict admission selection system, local CUHK Shenzhen students are selected from the top 1% students from prestigious local high schools around China. CUHK degrees are awarded to CUHK Shenzhen students upon graduation. Differentiating strengths First class teaching staff CUHK Shenzhen is distinguished by the quality of our professors and scholars which we have carefully recruited from world- leading universities. Our teaching staff also include several Nobel Prize laureates, Members and Fellows of national academies and staff from our visiting academics program which attracts globally respected professors. Students can benefit from the strong international networks amongst the elite faculty and alumni which are favorable for students’ future development both in China and worldwide. Multi-disciplinary, international programs CUHK Shenzhen features an international learning environment, a bilingual teaching pedagogy, a collegiate system, general education courses and a student-centered educational philosophy. The undergraduate programs include Finance, Economics, Statistics, Professional Accountancy, Global Business Studies, Marketing and Communication, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, New Energy Science and Engineer, Bioinformatics, and Translation. The Postgraduate programs comprise Economics, Accounting, Finance, Financial Engineering, Data Science, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Translation and Interpreting Studies, and Simultaneous Interpreting. We have also opened one doctoral program Computer and Information Engineering. CUHK Degrees will be conferred on CUHK Shenzhen students who have completed the required number of course units and satisfy the graduation requirements of the major program and of the University. English Curricula, International Environment Senior teaching staff are recruited globally, which ensures an internationalized academic