May 2017

28 APAC / May 2017 , Coast takes to ensure their customers receive the best possible outcome as well as the overall mission of the company. “It is important that our offerings cater to the needs of our customers. By consistently upholding integrity, responding in a timely manner, walking the extra mile and delivering high- quality products and services, we strive to surpass customers’ expectations and earn their trust. “We follow the Group’s mission, i.e. to make Sino the preferred choice for customers, investors and employees. Delighting our customers with premium quality, corporate governance and caring for employees are the prime foci of our quality management journey.” Following on from how Hong Kong Gold Coast works to ensure the best possible results for their company, Robert goes on to discuss how the company stands out from the competition and delivers the best possible options for customers. “At Hong Kong Gold Coast, we have all the space one can dream of. The unique, integrated waterfront precinct provides the space to live, to create, to experience, to work, to play, to relax, to celebrate and to savour. You can check in, dine in, stroll by the sea, set your sail, build your team and call it your home. “Situated by a beautiful marina and golden beach, Hong Kong Gold Coast spans hectares of lush greenery and landscape that offers a relaxing leisure lifestyle. Residents, holiday-goes and visitors can enjoy the amenities, sun and sand. The scenic set- up that make the most of its geographical location, beach, mountains and open spaces (e.g. 50,000-square-foot lawn; picturesque vistas). “As for the Gold Coast Community, with the opening of Harrow International School and recent developments in the vicinity, the area has become even more sought-after as a place to live and visit. The Clubhouse organises various activities such as residents’ happy hour gathering, fun farm workshop for kids as well as orientation programmes for new residents to blend in with the community. The word of mouth has brought residents and visitors from all over Hong Kong. The waterfront atmosphere brings to residents a resort lifestyle. People of more than 34 nationalities call Hong Kong Gold Coast their home. We host different community-wide parties and special events, such as football leagues, water fun days. During festive times like Halloween, we hold parties for residents of all ages to foster a sense of belonging. The development provides an array of layouts in addition to a lush green environment amid an exclusive, tranquil precinct. It enjoys ample leisure amenities on the doorstep such as country parks, some of the best hiking trails as well as golden, sandy beaches.” It is inevitable that a company faces headwinds in their growth and development. Robert explains to us how they cope with and how the core values their staff uphold. “We uphold the core values of the Group, namely, staff integrity, customer first, quality excellence, teamwork, continuous improvement, preparedness and a sense of urgency. Communication with our staff is taken seriously. In addition to regular staff communications sessions, we join the bi-annual Town Hall Meetings of the Group to ensure that messages from the management are cascaded. We also encourage joint visits to learn good practices of other business lines of the Group.” “To ensure that we stay ahead of the curve, we are constantly upgrading the assets and enhancing our offerings. Since its completion in the 1990s, Hong Kong Gold Coast has been reinventing and growing with customers to cater to their evolving needs,” Robert notes on the developments within the sector and how the company have adapted around them. “From asset enhancement, which is an ongoing extensive upgrading of facilities including renovation of units, tower lobbies, residents’ clubhouse and landscape beautification (turf improvement, new statues at gardens), to healthy living – Hong Kong Gold Coast residents can spend quality time visiting the butterfly garden, eco-farms and herb gardens amid the salubrious environment.” Looking ahead, Robert highlights a few of the plans that Hong Kong Gold Coast has in the pipeline. “The recent refurbishment of Tower 21 is exemplary of our efforts to add value to customers. Tower 21 offers 72 exquisite residences with three units on each floor. It has just undergone a comprehensive refurbishment programme that commenced in the fourth quarter of 2016. It comprises an upgrade of materials and fittings; the lift lobbies and common areas have been completely refurbished; units are replete with modern appliances and coveted bathroom amenities. “Well-appointed and elegantly refurbished, the three-bedroom units all include a helper’s room and an en suite bedroom. The units range from 1,138 sq ft to 1,372 sq ft (MFA) (875 sq ft – 1,069 sq ft (SFA)) in size. Penthouse units with exclusive external rooftops are also on offer. It is expected that the renovated units in Tower 21 will receive enthusiastic interest from a broad spectrum of potential tenants, from young couples looking at starting families, young families who want good schooling for their children, to businessmen who frequently travel between Hong Kong and China as well as executives or expatriates seeking a relaxed resort lifestyle. “Alongside this, works will shortly begin on renovations to the residents’ clubhouse, Yacht club, hotel rooms as well as a number of the large landscaped areas.”