May 2017

18 APAC / May 2017 , 1704AP16 A Collaborative Culture and Approach That’s Ingrained in Their Process Studio Ginger is a leader in retail design based inMelbourne Australia. Specializing in store and commercial interiors, we create environments that connect brands with customers and provide unique and engaging shopping experiences. We’re a dynamic team with a real passion for what we do, since opening our doors in 2004 we’ve successfully delivered hundreds of stores and repositioned many brands to achieve success in their competitive space. Having worked with numerous local and global retailers including a broad range of long term retail, corporate and hospitality brands. Some of our standing projects included working with TopShop, The Colorado Group, The Just Group, Georg Jensen, Solid Gold, Endota Spa, Ramen Bankara, and JD Sports to name a few. We deliver integrated design solutions for our clients and our services include; Strategic Retail Planning, Store Design, Branding and Graphics, and Design Management. All successful concepts begin with a clear direction. We provide Strategic Retail Planning to ensure the marketing promise and business objectives are delivered in store. Understanding what drives customers is crucial to determine the creative brief. Our unique methodology ‘Ginger’ provides key recommendations for retail environments. We apply Marketing, Design, Property and Operations principles to ensure that we cover and manage all aspects within the project. We believe that innovative thinking and creativity is the key to unlocking ideas and delivering the best results. As for our design team, they focus on producing positive and engaging Store Design and shopping experiences that excite and inspire. It’s all about aligning the environment with the brand and creating unique spaces that resonate, while also increasing sales and providing a return on investment. With regards to Branding and Graphics, our main objective is for the brand to visually reflect the core business and marketing values in the retail environment. We pride ourselves on creating brands and designing graphics that translate seamlessly into the physical space to provide impact and differentiation. Our Design Management services enable smooth implementation of design concept. We pride ourselves on driving the complete creative process right through to implementation. Our team is skilled in coordination and negotiation with shopfitters and tenancy owners to ensure projects are launched on time with their design intent intact. Studio Ginger’s mission is to create innovative design solutions and to provide shoppers with compelling experiences. We believe in the power of design and that innovative thinking and creativity is the key to unlocking ideas and delivering the best results. We seek and strive to grow our business with honesty, integrity, and sustainability. Our team keeps abreast with global trends and design forecasts and we create considered niche directions for our clients. We focus on customer engagement and retention to design fresh experiences integrating appropriate technologies, product display systems, and shopper flow patterns while strengthening customer loyalty. What was once considered futuristic in the retail environment is now the norm, and our tailored concepts always address the brand’s core requirements to produce unique store designs and interiors. We are living in a time where customers are influencing and shaping what brands and retailers provide, especially millennials and subsequent generations. There has been a huge shift in retail shopping habits, global reach, social media and technology development, and in turn customers are demanding authentic experiences, convenience, consistency and quality. Over the last decade retail has changed beyond all recognition, and there is no reason to think the next 10 years will be any different. One of the most significant changes we’ve seen in Australian in recent years is the influx of international retailers on our shores. Their arrival has shaken up the local landscape and market share pie considerably. However, we believe that the real winners are the consumers who now have choice and access to the best local and international products and services. We believe that retailers in Australia, no matter their origin will be successful and remain competitive in this market if they truly understand the Australian consumer, and are clear with their brand positioning. It is also critical to recognize variable seasonal buying cycles, supply chain challenges, and to continue investing in marketing, store design, concept and flagship stores. We know that we’ll continue to see international businesses arrive on our shore, including Amazon and other low cost digital outlets, since our economy remains strong relative to other countries, and people here welcome and desire these global brands. The challenge will be to carve out distinct offerings and to ensure customers don’t become victims of ‘choice fatigue’. Studio Ginger is a diverse team of professionals from a mix of disciplines and backgrounds working together to produce the best possible concepts for our clients. Our breadth of experience in retail, design, marketing, and project management provides a supportive studio environment for professional and personal development.