May 2017

APAC / May 2017 11 K Name: Tracey Penington Company: Gordian Global Solutions Web: Email: [email protected] Tackling Issues of a Global Scale g programme (which incorporates Quantum Intellect), is also being considered by a number of countries as a new part of curriculums for schools and universities.” Tracey is also in the process of establishing The Gordian Foundation, which aims to work closely with the government and corporate institutions, to focus on introducing new and innovative thinking to create new models and systems for both current and future generations. There is also a major focus here on many of the communities long held problems and issues, such as homelessness, health and wellbeing. Some of the areas they are currently working on include medical health and artificial intelligence; biotechnology and energetic & informational medicine; iindigenous programmes; homelessness and integrated community programmes and global banking and payment systems. Tracey tells us more in her own words, bringing this interview to a close. “As part of the values I hold around giving back to the community, I continue to work with government on issues such as homelessness and how to think differently in this respect, as well as leveraging social innovation to tackle many of today’s major challenges. I also continue my work with entrepreneurs, small business and start-ups to innovate, trouble shoot and scale. “In 2012, I was awarded the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitallers for my work within the local community. Looking ahead to the future, I continue to lead a number of ‘leading edge’ research and development programmes, to tackle current and future global issues.”