May 2017

10 APAC / May 2017 , 1702AP24 Tackling Issues of a Global Scale Gordian Global Solutions’ strength is their people, who are highly skilled and dedicated specialists who have proven experience delivering the outcomes that our clients want. Tracey Penington of Gordian Global Solutions tells us more about the determination of her firm to ‘roll up their sleeves’ to deliver real results for any business and something of her own interesting role too. With a broad range of experience across business and community, Gordian Global Solutions’ specialists are qualified and trained in all aspects of solution design and delivery. The firm’s people have first-hand knowledge of the challenges inherent in transforming to meet future needs. They also have that can-do attitude, by that, the firm’s staff will ‘roll up their sleeves’ to deliver real and tangible results for your business. Gordian Global Solutions specialises in solution design, transformation projects, organisational development, risk and compliance, strategy and design, operational efficiency and change management. Their seasoned executive team has over 40 years’ experience between them across major corporates including banking and finance, government, health and wellness, mining, retail, utilities, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Tracey herself is a transformation specialist, futurist and entrepreneur as well as having spent a large amount of her career as a trouble-shooter for corporate business. One of her clients commented that, ‘she’s become one of the most talented ‘go to’ practitioners that organisations call upon to support transformational change quickly and efficiently.’ Her reputation is significant. Put simply she helps companies remediate critical, and in many cases intractable problems. From outsourcing to ‘sustainable’ transformation and change, this practitioner can help find a way forward through the most complex blockers. Tracey specialises in strategy development, transformation, solution development, organisational change, programme governance, process efficiencies, mergers and acquisitions and new business set- up. Tracey then tells us about her current experience in further detail. “I am the founder and managing director of Gordian Global Solutions. I have a proven track record in strategy development, problem resolution and leading major transformation programmes across large diverse businesses. My clients have included major financial institutions, government agencies, along with businesses within the utilities and health sector. “I specialise in dealing with complexity and ambiguity to develop leading edge solutions that are workable and sustainable. I have extensive experience in transformation, organisational change, strategy, setup, design and implementation, both national and international. I bring a dynamic and integrated approach my work. “My qualifications include a Diploma in Banking and Business, Six Sigma Black Belt, Advanced Diploma in Metaphysics, Advanced Diploma in Energetic & Informational Medicine and I am an accredited executive coach and NLP master practitioner.” In addition, Gordian work with a range of clientele, both national (Australia) and international, across both the public and private sectors. The business now offers a wide range of services, specifically focused around supporting innovation and transformation. These include: transformation strategy, design and delivery, capability building in innovation, organisational change management, human resource management and culture transformation, operations and risk management and organisational efficiency. Tracey’s underlines that she has always liked working on the things that people say, ‘you can’t fix, because it’s always been like that’. She loves creating new models and systems, whether that is for a business, community or even a country, indeed her principle is that, “it’s all about how you think about and approach the problem as well as the solution.” “This stemmed from my many years of setting up or fixing up new organisational models and systems for banks. My belief is that we need to look differently at the way we consider and face problems, and that perception then helps create and innovate new solutions. I have since completed a number of papers and a recent eBook on Quantum Intellect, A new way of thinking, to create a new way of being, to help practitioners and business think differently about how they solve the problems of today’s world. “Since setting up Gordian in 2009, I have also established a number of other businesses that focus on supporting the broader community. Ripple Energetics ( ) is a leading-edge programme that is used in the corporate market and is now being looked at for use in schools and universities, along with our Quantum Intellect (www. programme. “The Change Space (www. is focussed on supporting anyone involved in ‘change’, as well as the business sector with the constant change that is occurring in the workplace today. In addition, The Innovator Lab (www. is focussed on helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses bring their ideas to life. The firm’s new innovation education