Maritime & Shipping Awards 2017

8 APAC / Maritime & Shipping Awards 2017 , Founded in 2008, Crane Worldwide are a rapidly growing cus- tomer-oriented firm in the logistics providing a full scope of services and acting as a trouble-shooter for you in all logistics-related issues. Lui out- lines the services the firm offers in more detail and explains what sets the firm apart from its com- petitors. “At Crane Worldwide, we position ourselves not only as a service provider but rather as a business partner with our customer. Being a partner, we provide tailor-made services to make our customer successful. We understand only if we can achieve this company goal, we can then be successful and outstanding in the industry. “In an increasingly demanding market, we understand that price is not the only factor that domi- nates. We must therefore estab- lish a high service level to our staff and maintain the following compe- tencies that differentiate us from our competitors. Therefore, our business strategy is with along our company vision to be the world leader in logistics solutions, recognized and preferred by all. We seek to build a world where nothing is out of reach. To achieve this, we prioritize the needs of our clients above all and we seek to solve their freight needs simply and efficiently. We are encourag- ASolute Sdn Bhd provide busi- ness-technology solutions to the logistics and supply chain industry through creativity and innovation. We spoke to Dominic Martin to find out more about the firm and the range of solutions it offers. ASolute provides integrated logis- tics system and consulting ser- vices to help its customers define strategies and streamline pro- cesses, as well as providing them with solutions which address their specific industry needs. Working with industry leading logistics clients across the ware- housing and distribution, contain- er transportation, conventional trucking, depot, yard, freight and forwarding markets, ASolute has to be versatile and offer the very highest standards of service, as Dominic explains. “Here at ASolute, our philosophy is to enhance our customer’s ex- perience by helping their custom- ers and enriching the experience of everyone else we encounter. We believed we grow together with our customers and go deep into their businesses to help them achieve their overall business goals. This is why we always raise our staff’s personal standard by having regular in house train- ing and team building sessions to maintain to the standard we have set. “Service offering is also impor- tant; therefore we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain our understanding of market cycles and trends to ensure that we are able to anticipate our customers’ changing needs and to proactive- ly provide the right solutions.” Looking ahead, Dominic is opti- mistic as he discusses the firm’s exciting growth plans and how it is looking to succeed despite poor economic conditions. “With the challenging economic environment we have notice that most of our customer has turn to consolidating their activities. Some of our customers have actually streamlined their servic- es. Since our solution already incorporates these features our customers have used it to target other markets thus reducing their cost and optimizing the resources at their disposal. “As such, in order to capitalise on this success, moving forward ASolute are currently embarking on exposing our product to the Southeast Asia Region. Our next step would be establishing a foot- hold in these countries and enter- ing other countries in this region, which will provide us with many invigorating opportunities.” Company: ASolute Sdn Bhd Contact: Dominic Martin Contact Email: [email protected] , [email protected] , Address: 4805-02-02 CBD Perdana 2, Jalan Perdana, Cyber 12, 63000 Cyberjaya,Selangor, Malaysia Phone: 00603 8322 5555 Website: Best Logistics Software Development Company - Malaysia N ing transparency and open-mind- edness.” Overall, differentiation is the firm’s overriding goal, and remains its ongoing focus as Lui concludes. “Currently we are building up our new business in warehousing either bonded and non-bonded clients, and we are plan for more to come to become a main hub in supporting our customer. We are also broadening our target for cold room warehouse as well. We con- centrated on survival and servic- ing our clients, while searching for an opportunity to jump-start the company’s growth which so call merging. There is a huge oppor- tunity for cold storage warehouse business in worldwide and looking at the growth of the sector, and we look forward to taking advantage of this in the future.” Company: Crane Worldwide Logistics (M) SdnBhd Contact: Lui Poh Hong Contact Email: [email protected] [email protected] Address: No. 60 & 60A, LorongBayu Tinggi 4C, BatuUnjur, 41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Mobile: +6013-9834278 +6012-2385443 Office No: 00603 3325 7662 Fax No: 00603-3325 7663 Web Address: Best Cargo Warehousing Company - Malaysia