Maritime & Shipping Awards 2017

12 APAC / Maritime & Shipping Awards 2017 , 1702WF08 Best Global Logistics Network, 2nd Year Running X2 Group was set up as a business platform for independent freight forwarders fromaround the world. We caught up with CEO and Founder Richard Overton to find out more about how the firmhas evolved since inception to become the success it is today. Founded in 2012 by Richard Overton, X2 Group had its beginnings with X2 Logistics Networks and within three short years has developed and found itself presented with the opportunity to expand into sectors outside of the logistics networking industry. With the X2 Group’s 260 square meter main office located in Bangkok’s central business district, the company is positioned to grow and expand in order to fulfill its goals as an organization. Richard discusses the firm’s history in more detail. “The original concept of X2 Group was to create a more dynamic and professional logistics networking approach to the industry. We launched the company in 2012 and from the first quarter of 2013 we started to develop a good foundation of global coverage for the network, with 1:1 Meetings, team-building and social engagement. Since then we have expanded, and we now offer services that allow for small-to-medium size freight forwarders to compete with multinationals in both capability and presentation. We provide marketing, public relations and social media services for members at discounted rates. We also host an Annual Members Conference. As part of our offering we provide personalized services and we also identify our members by name and not by membership registration number. We contact people personally to better understand their experience within the group and also learn what it is we can improve to provide current and future members with the best logistics networking experience possible.” What truly sets the firm apart is this focus on networking and ensuring that members receive the very highest standards of support and service, as Richard outlines. “For a freight forwarder considering joining a logistics network, it is wise to consider the infrastructure of the network. It is critical to business success and your ability to reduce risks. X2 Logistics Networks differentiates itself from the industry through smart investment in the infrastructure. Also trust and reliability as a network are key factors. This is a relationship based business and our focus on the success of members, providing communication tools and professionalism further distinguish the X2 Networks from competitors.” Moving forward, Richard believes that technology will play a vital part in the success of his firm, as he is eager to outline in his concluding comments. “Ultimately, technology must be at the core of any successful logistics network that wants to exist in the near future. Admittedly, it can be difficult for those in the freight forwarding industry to grasp some new ideas and concepts, especially for those who are very traditional in their thinking. We provide our members with new technology- based options not available with other networks, and we are also exploring additional new possibilities, including mobile apps.” Company: X2 Logistics Networks Contact: Richard Overton, CEO & Founder Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 170/87 9th Floor Ocean Tower 1 Bldg, New Rachadaphisek Road, Klong Toey, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand Phone: +66 2 648 6123 Web Address: