Maritime & Shipping Awards 2017

10 APAC / Maritime & Shipping Awards 2017 , Maltaco is one of the pioneer integrated to- tal port logistics and ancillary services providers based in Port Klang, Malaysia. This year marks the firm’s 50th anniversa- ry in providing customized and holistic solutions in physically managing and handling all types of cargoes / consignment/ pro- ject cargo on board vessels and in containers in the port areas. Mr Lim outlines the firm’s service offering and how this provides cli- ents with the solutions they need to succeed. “Here at Maltaco, our motto is to continuously improve our service delivery to our clients in terms of speed, reliability and accuracy while maintaining the safety of our clients’ cargoes through our total operational risk management ca- pability. We have the largest fleet of conventional cargo forklift total- ling 90 units in Port Klang, with a lifting capacity ranging from 3-ton to 32-tons –with variety of attach- ments and extensions to cater for all types of cargoes. This vast fleet is being supported by more than 50 experienced forklift driv- ers, covering both Northport and Westports. “Our services include providing a totally integrated port logistics services - by deploying teams of project managers, clerks, fleet of forklifts, cranes, lashing & unlash- ing gangs, etc. – to safely com- plete the loading and discharging of cargoes directly from vessels, as well as stuffing and un-stuffing of variety of cargoes into and out of containers. The cargoes we managed and handled ranged from huge oversized and over- weight project cargoes to a di- verse range of multi-dimensional steel and other products.” Looking ahead, Mr Lim foresees many exciting developments for Maltaco as it moves towards a bright and prosperous future. “Fundamentally, because of our reputation as a professional port logistics and ancillary services provider in Port Klang, as well as our strong client relationship management, we believe there is still more room for us to grow our business in Port Klang and to eventually, to expand into other major ports in Malaysia.” Best Seaport Ancillary Service Provider - Malaysia K Maltaco is an integrated licensed port ancillary and logistic services provider with 50 years’ experience in providing customized and holistic solutions to handle all types of cargoes/consignment on board vessels as well as in containers in the port area. We spoke toMr L.A. Lim, the Chief Executive Officer, to find out more. Company: MALTACO MS SDN BHD Contact: Mr. L.A. Lim (Chief Executive Officer) or Mr Lionel Lim (Chief Operating Officer) Contact Email: [email protected] [email protected] Address: 92-A, Jalan Tengku Badar, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Phone: 006 012 334 6303 or 006 012 336 0982 Web Address: