March 2017

APAC / March 2017 99 , Denise Hamblin is Research Director at Colmar Brunton. She tells APAC insider more about the firmand its secrets to success. Staying Ahead of the Game Colmar Brunton is one of Australia’s largest market research agencies and is a specialist in FMCG across the Asia Pacific region. Denise Hamblin gives us a more in-depth overview of the firm. “We have over 25 years of experience across all forms of research and consulting and we tailor our approach and analysis to meet the exact requirements of our clients,” she begins. “Our team is made up of world leaders in insight strategy, sensory science, marketing science and qualitative techniques and quantitative analysis. Our specialty is in optimising FMCG brands, packs, concepts and products for export across Asia Pacific and specifically in understanding differences in palate preferences, usage and attitudes globally. We also have an extensive normative database that provides category-specific benchmarks for markets across the globe. “Our purpose is to help clients create better products for consumers across the Asia Pacific region. We know that better products directly lead to direct sales and that repeat sales that lead to success.” Denise tells us what it is that differentiates Colmar Brunton from competitors and marks it out as the best possible option for clients. “We trade in valuable ideas, in areas of expertise and in predicting the future rather than branded solutions. We have a large team of researchers, some with over two decades of consumer research experience and all available to contribute to projects of value. “To stay ahead of the game, we use thinking tools to understand trends in social sentiment globally. This tells us how brands should represent themselves, what tone communications should take, and what type of products should be on offer in order to align with the sentiment and needs of the target market. Once this is established, we use our expertise in sensory research and bundle testing to optimise a product offer for the target market, utilising against global benchmarks to predict the ultimate level of success.” Denise provides us with a current view of the FMCG market research industry in the APAC region and explains further the challenges that this sector has to face. “The local challenge for FMCG is competitiveness at a retail level and a lack of investment in real innovation rather than a churn of line extensions at the retailers’ demand. Investment has shifted away from domestic innovation towards export markets; however, often entry to a new market is executed poorly with FMCG companies attempting to sell their current products in a different market without the appropriate level of research or optimisation first. This can damage a brand’s reputation before it has had a good chance for traction.” The team at Colmar Brunton is well trained to think globally, something which stands the firm in good stead to be able to offer the best possible service to its clients. “We travel regularly for research and have developed an understanding of the idiosyncrasies of each AP market,” says Denise. “We have a well-established network of global partners who assist us in the gathering of insight. We are flexible and prioritise a high level of tailored client service. We have an excellent track record of generating success for our clients in domestic as well as new markets. “We often attract staff through our travel, through conference presentations, through client relationships or through the graduate and intern programs that we offer.” Denise gives us an insight into the future of the firm as well as how she foresees the industry evolving. “Colmar Brunton will continue to grow in the future, helping create better products both domestically and globally. We will continue to be thought leaders in the trend predictor space via our Millennium Monitor, gathering qualitative and quantitative data on social sentiment globally. We will present on sensory-based insights at Pangborn Sensory Symposium and on Trends and Techniques in upcoming ESOMAR conferences. We will assist in Government-led goals around successful exports in addition to domestic success. “As technology develops and insight commoditises we will continue adopting ways to streamline our approach; however, we will continue to prioritise great service and expertise that leads to client success. We will continue to stay abreast of Retail trends and the multiple pressure points for our clients as well as opportunity areas across AP markets.” K Company: Colmar Brunton Australia Name: Denise Hamblin, Research Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 1-4 Layfield Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia Telephone: +64 3 8640 5200 1702AP18