March 2017

88 APAC / March 2017 , 1701AP41 A Global Phenomenon Michelle Doherty talks to APAC Insider about the beauty industry within the APAC region, and what skills she possesses to ensure her ongoing success as an award-winning CEO. “I am the CEO and co-owner of Alpha-H, a global leader in corrective and preventative skincare,” begins Michelle. “Alpha-H creates revolutionary cosmeceutical formulations, which help bridge the gap between the beauty counter and invasive treatments. Committed to achieving clinical results with minimal effort and zero downtime, integrity and scientific development sets Alpha-H apart from other brands, which offer a band-aid rather than a solution for specific skin concerns. To achieve fast effective results Alpha-H use a concentrated and balanced combination of potent cosmeceutical and natural ingredients, which are supported with scientific evidence, pH adjustment and efficacy studies. “As CEO, I spend most of my time expanding the Alpha-H product range both in Australia and overseas, collaborating and working closely with TV networks, international distributers and professional beauty salons. The most rewarding part of my role is having the opportunity to meet with people whose life has been changed through using Alpha-H products. “Our customers are loyal to Alpha-H because we are accountable for our products and ingredients, deliver on the promise of a healthy functioning skin and are socially conscious.” The company is proudly Australian-owned and operated, and stocked in over 25 countries including prestige clinics, exclusive day spas, and cosmetic giants Sephora and Marks & Spencer. “We manufacture onsite at our headquarters on the Gold Coast in Australia where we can take advantage of the unique biodiversity of local scientifically validated ingredients and also closely monitor the quality, consistency and standard of each formulation. “Our exponential growth over the last few years has seen our global presence significantly increase and therefore our ongoing strategy must be flexible to allow for different markets, cultures, and communications.” Michelle explains that the core principles and values behind the brand are honesty, relevance, quality, high percentages of active ingredients and skincare solutions. “Ultimately our strategy is to put people first,” she states. “We like to connect in meaningful ways with our consumers, engaging with them and understanding them. By building brand love we are building a tribe and culture that people want to be a part of. “We have also taken a flexible approach to developing the company over the years. Adapting our business model from a bricks and mortar to TV and online with the rise of e-commerce, has changed how we connect with our customers with social media and e-marketing accounting for a huge part of our marketing strategy. This has contributed to our increased international presence and helped us create the cult global following that is symbolic of our brand. Alpha-H has gone from strength to strength while still retaining its unique quirky personality and that’s what resonates with our audience.” Michelle believes her number one key strength is dedication and commitment to building relationships with all stakeholders of Alpha-H, from customers to stockists and employees. “Trust and integrity is key to our ongoing success. “I would like to think my ongoing guidance and business acumen is paramount to the daily operation of Alpha-H. On an international platform, I represent the brand as the key spokesperson for Alpha-H and I actively pursue affiliations between myself and key industry professionals to ensure we identify new trends and shifts in the market. “Creating brand experience is integral for both consumers and staff alike. We have built our reputation through our staffs’ commitment of striving to provide the highest level of service and customer care. This is a reflection on our long-standing team of staff members and strong relations with our business partners.” With regards to the beauty business in the APAC region, Michelle has witnessed many changes. “I am pleased to say that people are becoming more aware of and moving away from brands that test on animals. I am also happy that China is making changes to their policies to support this move. “Sustainability and packaging are also areas, which are undergoing change. People are supporting ‘green’ and ‘earth-friendly’ brands/products that have minimal impact on the environment; therefore brands are becoming more socially responsible with their formulations, manufacturing and packaging. Consumers are savvy; they are doing their research before purchasing, so brands, which have minimum impact on the environment, will be favoured. “The antipollution movement is also huge, particularly in Asian countries. Consumers are becoming more aware of the damage that’s caused by urban pollution and environmental aggressors and showing more interest in purchasing products, which counteract this. With increased consumer demand, this year we will be launching an anti-pollution mist which will be popular in the APAC region.” As a successful and innovative CEO, Michelle has big plans for the brand with regards to the future. “I envision expanding the brand further globally so that our products are accessible to everyone and anyone wanting to obtain clinical results from the comfort of their own home. We are also planning a custom built manufacturing facility to cope with increasing demand so that’s very exciting and a marker of how far we have come as a brand. “We will continue to closely monitor every one of our formulations to ensure we are always breaking new ground in cosmetic advancements.