March 2017

82 APAC / March 2017 , 1702AP45 Strive for Better Things St Joseph’s College, inHunters Hill, Sydney, is one of Australia’s leading secondary boarding and day schools for boys. Founded by the Marist Brothers in 1881, St Joseph’s College, or Joeys as it is also known, is renowned for its outstanding academic, cultural and sporting achievements and links to the local and international community and rural Australia. It has a student population of almost 1,100 students who are enrolled as day boys, weekly boarders or full boarders. The college offers a broad education that draws faith, culture and life into harmony. It provides boys with the opportunity and support to strive for academic excellence and achieve their full potential in all they do. St Joseph’s endeavours to instil in boys both the capability and the desire to make a valuable contribution to the world and students are regularly involved in a range of social justice initiatives. The college motto, Strive for Better Things, is at the heart of the unique Joeys experience. The St Joseph’s College community celebrates learning, recognises achievement and rewards those who continually strive to do their best. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AT ST JOSEPH’S COLLEGE St Joseph’s College welcomes international students and students whose parents are Australian citizens currently living and working overseas. As one of Australia’s largest and most highly respected boys’ boarding schools, St Joseph’s is a particularly popular option for Australian ex-pat families wishing to educate their sons in Australia. Each year the college hosts a number of international events, allowing prospective families to meet the Headmaster and find out about the opportunities available for their sons. FROM THE HEADMASTER, MR ROSS TARLINTON: “It is important to encourage our young people along their journey of learning and growth, so they are compelled use their talents in the service of others. We endeavour to help them develop their skills, along with a strong sense of compassion and justice, so they will make a positive difference to their community, their nation and their world. Our Catholic faith values, and our Marist spirit, underpin everything we do and set us apart from other places.” “The students are at the heart of everything we do at St Joseph’s. We are here to help boys, entrusted to us by their families, to find genuine fulfilment, happiness and security in their lives. Our support and encouragement goes far beyond the time students leave us at graduation. As a college community we take great joy and strength from our ongoing relationship with our Old Boys and their families. We maintain regular contact with Old Boys and past families and each year we host a number of events, both in Australia and internationally, which allow us to catch up and strengthen the relationships with our Old Boys, meet with current families living overseas, and introduce new families to the opportunities available at Joeys.” Ross Tarlinton Headmaster ACADEMIC Academic excellence is an ever-present goal for both the staff and students of St Joseph’s College. This excellence is consistently achieved through a curriculum that is both rich in diversity and broad in its depth of study, with the support and guidance of highly qualified, professional teaching staff. St Joseph’s prides itself on being a non-academically selective school where students of a wide range of abilities are given opportunities to challenge themselves and achieve their full potential. Academic diversity is clearly evident in the variety of subjects and courses on offer at each stage of schooling. After enrolling in the mandatory subjects for each year level, boys in Years 9-12 choose from a broad range of electives to complete their pattern of study. Boys also take part in outdoor education at the college’s outdoor education campus, Colo. The college curriculum is tailored to ensure each individual student has the opportunity and encouragement to achieve. Gifted and talented students undertake challenging and stimulating extension programs and students with special learning needs receive extra learning support and attention. All students at St Joseph’s College have their own MacBook as part of the 1:1 Learning Program. These MacBooks are utilised across all subject areas and, combined with the college’s intranet and the guidance of the college’s teachers, allow for engaging and highly personalised learning experiences. St Joseph’s also offers students in Years 11 and 12 the opportunity to undertake Vocational Education courses. Upon successful completion of these courses the student receives formal vocational qualifications under the Australia Qualifications Framework (AQF), which fast- tracks their future tertiary studies and, ultimately, gives them a head start to their chosen career. As a boarding school, one particular strength of the college’s daily teaching is the close supervision of regular evening study. This is available to boarders and day students who stay after hours. Each student is provided with frequent study time as well as assistance by the study-supervisor. Students also have access to the Brother Liguori Resources Centre and tuition or special support when needed. Regular study hours, including time during the weekend, ensures students have ample opportunity to complete homework and assignments and study effectively. All teaching staff at St Joseph’s are qualified and highly professional educators who are dedicated to continuing the college’s long- standing tradition of academic excellence. Staff undertake regular professional development to stay up-to-date with the latest in education practice and theory. SPORT AND CO- CURRICULAR Sport St Joseph’s College prides itself on providing students with a well-rounded, balanced education, focussing on boys’ academic, physical, social, spiritual and recreation needs. The college’s broad range of sport and co-curricular activities caters for a wide range of talents and interests and adds great enjoyment to students’ school life. All boys at St Joseph’s participate in the college’s comprehensive sport and co-curricular program. St Joseph’s was a founding member of the Athletic Association of Great Public Schools (AAGPS) and participates in the AAGPS sporting competitions of NSW. Most sports are contested among the nine member schools and boys have the opportunity to represent the college at their own level of expertise. St Joseph’s offers a variety of sports and sporting competitions throughout the year. All students participate in a summer sport and a winter sport of their choice and benefit from working with the college’s experienced coaches as well as a comprehensive strength and conditioning program. Sports offered at the college include AFL, athletics, cricket, cross country, equestrian,