March 2017

APAC / March 2017 79 K Company: Linkage Name: Dr Colin Pitt, Managing Partner, Asia Pacific Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Level 40, 100 Miller Street, North Tower, North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia Telephone: +61 412 510 038 Leading The Way g and country nuances for the advantage of people and organizations, integrating western and eastern values and leadership practices and increasing women leadership. (Note: removed last point) “For our leadership company, these issues have had a pronounced impact on our defined leadership practice areas and has ‘forced’ us to adjust our approach, our content and be more client centric and service oriented. We believe that Linkage is well equipped with expert consultants, outstanding products and exceptional service to assist clients address any of the above practices or challenges.” Looking to the future, Colin tells us what he is excited about in the Asia Pacific region in 2017. “I am extremely excited to announce we will bring to Singapore the Global Institute for Leadership Development -GILD ASIA 2017 - in July this year. This award winning conference is conducted over five days and we expect to have between 400- 500 participants. What makes this conference unique is the world class ‘faculty’ of speakers and presenters that very few conferences can match, the number of organizations who bring along teams as a part of their leadership development effort, the leadership assessment and coaching each delegate receives as a part of GILD Asia and the learning team, where each delegate is allocated at least five sessions, so that they can learn from other delegates and discuss how to embed and applying their learning to their organization”