March 2017

APAC / March 2017 75 K Company: Egan Associates Name: John Egan Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Level 3, 22 Darley Road, Manly NSW 2095 Telephone: (02) 9225 3225 Up For the Challenge g Drawing on this knowledge and John Egan’s expertise, the company is currently preparing to launch a cloud service under the brand Workforce and Governance where companies can quickly generate employee data and match it to market intelligence. “We intend to be part of the future of pay and governance advice, a future I see as increasingly involving online solutions to improve productivity and provide companies with the necessary intelligence to make the right decisions,” Egan said. The cloud software will operate parallel to Egan Associates’ consulting practice rather than replacing it. “There will always be demand for tailored recommendations on remuneration structures,” Egan said. “While data analysis from online tools is informative and powerful, it cannot compare to in-depth analysis of a situation by a subject matter expert.” Indeed, it concerns John Egan that many Boards are not receiving remuneration recommendations from pay consultants, instead simply requesting market data and reaching remuneration decisions without tailored advice. “In many cases this circumstance may reflect the unwillingness of advisors to accept accountability for their work,” Egan states, adding that Egan Associates has absolute confidence in its expertise and is always prepared to provide a remuneration recommendation. Clients can also feel secure in the knowledge that as an independent specialist advisor, Egan Associates does not provide primary advice on tax or legal matters. Given the confidential information Egan Associates has access to, it is also not involved in executive search and therefore avoids potential conflicts of interest. “Our return clients respect that we “tell it like it is” and don’t try to tailor our advice to meet unrealistic expectations,” Egan said.