March 2017

72 APAC / March 2017 , 1701AP26 Making It Easy NowInfinity is a progressive and dynamic cloud based documentation platform solutionwith features enabling rapid company formationwith ASIC, corporate compliance tools and legal document templates. The solution is used by accounting, financial adviser and super administration firms. The offerings help users with corporate compliance – administration and fee management, SMSF compliance, document management and data integrity with its integrationwith ASIC, xero, Microsoft Dynamics,, Class, electronic signatures - DocuSign, plus more. Award-winning CEO, Amreeta Abbott tells us more about NowInfinity, the type of work it does and its clientele. “NowInfinity is the solution that all accountants, financial advisers and SMSF Specialists have been waiting for,” she begins. “NowInfinty is the nucleus of pre and post entity set-up and management of the documents associated with them. NowInfinity is completely cloud- based and collaborates with the best in the industry providing an innovative and integrated platform for its members. Continuously challenging the norms in the account financial industry is what we are all about. If the rest of the world is benefiting from the technology boom, why shouldn’t financial advisors and accountants too?!” She elaborates more on the businesses ongoing strategy. “We are very much a feature and feedback driven company, one that is always moving and forever evolving, no boundaries and no limitations. Our first year had me chanting, “Collaborate to Create” working with other cloud based platforms to bolster up the offering and powerful integrations enabled our Member firms to become much more efficient & profitable. I’m continuing to look for pain points in the accounting and financial services industry with the aim to resolve through the use of strong skills in technology. If they have any pain point, I will ensure NowInfinity seeks to relieve it.” There are key principles which Amreeta adheres to in order to develop NowInfinity effectively. “I have kept an open mind throughout the entire existence of NowInfinity and we have certainly not tried to simply replicate – no-one wants a mediocre solution,” she states. “I have always believed in NowInfinity and believed we should always set our path and not chase that of a similar provide with this approach we were never limited nor restricted in what we could bring to the table. More often than not clients are wanting the same and in time they will strive for something new and fresh to continue to grow their business and offer more solutions to the their clients. “Another key principle that I adhere to is “no problems, just solutions’ keeping that at the forefront of your mind you pride yourself of be that solution provider.” Being an award-winning CEO is not without its challenges, and Amreeta tells us what she believes her best attributes are and what motivates her. “I live and breathe my business, and forever in search of ways to better the industry we are in. My determination and drive is something that very few people have, I simply don’t take no for an answer. “My business is my brain child, it is what keeps me going and what keeps me motivated. There are days when it is hard and I am away from my family a lot of the time which is sometimes very difficult. What keeps me motivated is hearing the feedback from my members about what NowInfinity is doing for them, the money and time it is saving them. I also love leading and being a part of such a wonderful and diverse team all around the globe.” The progression and development of technology in any industry is a must. Amreeta explains how important technology is to her industry. “NowInfinity itself is a tech-based company so I think my support for it is pretty self-explanatory. The way that NowInfinity and all other kinds of technology has enabled accountants, financial advisers, SMSF specialist and other in the industry to completely cut their internal costs, cutting the costs for their clients, increasing their efficiency and therefore focusing on larger and progressive projects is what has and continues to grow the financial industry. It is so important for people within the industry to recognise the use of technology and how this can benefit them. If they do not, their competitors will and they will find that they simply cannot compete with the efficiency. The possibilities are endless and technology solutions will continue to reduce and even completely remove pain points for the industry.”